• Sprint’s Aging iDEN Network Could Go Dark As Soon As June 2013

    Sprint’s Aging iDEN Network Could Go Dark As Soon As June 2013

    Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has been planning to kill off the carrier’s aging iDEN network since 2010, but now Sprint has finally delivered a date for iDEN’s demise. The carrier has just announced that they plan to pull the plug on their iDEN network as soon as June 30, 2013. Thankfully, from the ashes of the company’s near-dead 2G network will rise enhanced 3G service and… Read More

  • Sprint applies pressure, but still bled quite a bit in fourth quarter

    Over the past few years, Sprint has definitely given itself a facelift and now has excellent pricing plans and some decent handsets. Sadly, things aren’t turning around as quickly as Sprint would like since it has been showing some tremendous losses the past few quarters. The fourth quarter, however, shows that Sprint is slowly but surely easing its way to where it wants to be. Read More

  • Sprint Goes Bi with Dual Network Handsets, Plans

    Though it’s been something available on the QT for awhile, Sprint today has officialized its CDMA + iDEN hardware, merging the wireless provider’s own network with forever-ago purchased Nextel. This means a Sprint phone can have all the CDMA features (cheap calling plans, for example) and get the iDEN’s Push To Talk with other Sprint and Nextel handsets. In addition to… Read More