• iDAPT i4 charges multiple devices at once

    Looking for a solution for charging 4 devices at once? Consider the iDAPT i4. The iDAPT allows you to charge multiple devices as one time, and help to eliminate cord clutter. The iDAPT is compatible with up to 4,000 different mobile devices, including your BlackBerry, GPS, digital camera, and GPS system. Read More

  • iDapt: Now that's a cool idea

    [photopress:idapt1.JPG,full,pp_image] So you have 50 chargers at your desk, one for each device. You have a Nintendo DS Lite, a Sidekick LX, and a USB-powered vibrator. Who wants all those cables? I sure don’t. Enter the iDapt. This is basically a little box with three chargers sticking out of it. It comes with standard adapters for the DSL, the iPod, USB, and most Nokia phones and… Read More