• So fun Engrish iPhone knockoffs for great victory!

    Really, how could you not want to buy this phone? Check out its stats: it can be ued all over the world Supports: Work for all over world Language:English, Spaish, Portugal, Chinese(complexity), Chinese(simpleness) Games:Built-in PPC games, can download thousands of PPC 3D games, and built-in the Java Midp 2.0 also can be downloaded thousands of entertaining games, which will bring you into… Read More

  • iOpenTech's "open" desktops: It's on

    With Psystar getting the beatdown from Apple, iOpenTech thinks it’s going to sneak in around the corner and offer an open platform that runs any OS, including OS X. Listen: installing OS X on a PC is trivial. There are plenty of videos and tutorials describing the process and what Psystar did, to its credit, was make it even more trivial for folks who didn’t want to do the job… Read More