• Hands-on With Facetime for OS X

    http://player.ooyala.com/player.swf?embedCode=M4YnNyMTpSL_Pr4Ncg1PZoRl0Q5Maefh&version=2 This is clearly a beta product. It’s very non-intuitive and the contacts system is ridiculous. Regardless, it worked well enough from iPhone to desktop and from desktop to desktop. Now we just have to figure out where iChat is headed. Read More

  • Breaking: Apple to launch iChat for Windows on Monday!?

    Follow me here. There’s a lot of discussion on Digg and other blogs (Hi, Ryan!) saying that these photos of the iPhone 2 are fake, and the part about a Windows XP or Vista requirement is proof. But look again: The Windows stuff is a footnote. And what’s it a footnote to? Look at the images above. It’s talking about iChat, and says “Now available for iPhone —… Read More

  • Breaking: Exclusive leaked pics of the iPhone 2! Thinner design? Check! Different colors? Check! Video chatting? Check and check!

    Update: Post-WWDC Keynote, it’s obvious these are not pictures of the (slightly disappointing) 3G iPhone. What can we say? It seemed like a good idea at the time. And Matt was drunk. It wasn’t long ago that my inbox was full of screen caps from an image editing program of a new iPod, it was a fat yet small iPod that we now know as the 3rd gen Nano. We posted the photos and were… Read More

  • iChat For The iPhone Could Be Coming Soon

    iPhone users were greeted with a survey over the weekend asking how they liked the amazingly fast EDGE service, which isn’t surprising since the iPhone has been on the market for a little over a week. Now this is all speculation and a possible flub on AT&T’s part, which shouldn’t be ruled out because it happens, but iChat was included in the list of services that run on… Read More

  • SoundTech LightSnake iChat USB Headset and Mic: Does Apple Know About This?

    I’m sure you’ve heard of SoundTech before. It makes all sorts of audio-related cables and the like, the latest of which is the LightSnake iChat, a USB headset and mic that’s designed for everyday tasks like gaming and annoying your friends on Skype. A nice vanity feature here is “Live when Lit,” which causes the unit to flash wildy when it’s processing sound… Read More