Records show ICE uses LexisNexis to check millions, far more than previously thought

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been using LexisNexis since it parted ways with its previous data broker partner back in 2021. But far from using the platform strictly for checking for t

After colleges sue, ICE backs down from student visa rule change

The Trump administration has backed down from plans to revoke visas of international students studying in the U.S. whose schools planned to provide their classes exclusively online in the fall because

Chef CEO says he’ll continue to work with ICE in spite of protests

Yesterday, software development tool maker Chef found itself in the middle of a firestorm after a Tweet called them out for doing business with DHS/ICE. Eventually it led to an influential open-source

Facebook inks music licensing deal with ICE covering 160 territories, 290K rightsholders on FB, Insta, Oculus and Messenger

Facebook today took its latest step towards making good on paying out royalties to music rightsholders around tracks that are used across its multiple platforms and networks. The company has signed a

DIRTT’s ICEreality puts VR to use for interior, office design

  A manufacturer of custom prefabricated elements to be built into offices and other work spaces, DIRTT Environmental SolutionsĀ is the latest corporation to adopt virtual reality for the enterpr

U.S. Federal Agency That Switched From BlackBerrys To iPhones Has A Rethink: Plans To Test BB10 Devices Next Year

Some good news for embattled smartphone maker RIM: the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) has said it plans to test BlackBerry 10 devices next year. ICE had previously announced it

Founders, ICE And The Rise Of The Entrepreneur Influencers

Watching the dawn come up with a bunch of European entrepreneurs on tour in Tel Aviv this week, and hanging out with many of them at the recent <a target="_blank" href="">F.ounder

TV Shack ICE Seizure Proves You Can Run But You Can't Hide

<img src="" alt="" /> Back in July we wrote about bootleg film site <a href="

Sites With Government Seized Domains Are Moving On, On Twitter

<img src="" />Last week while everyone was waiting for the <a href="

Scientists make flat ice

<img src="" alt="flat-ice" title="flat-ice" />Ice doesn't get me very excited. I rarely get ice in my beverages because it's merely "de

The Icepod cometh

<img src="" />Say what you want about the cult of Apple and the insane proliferation of the iPod, but the little devices can take a lic

Penguin Ice mold makes penguins.. out of ice.

I know, I know. The headline may be a bit repetitive. I just wanted to make sure that no one walked away from this story thinking that the Penguin Ice Box Buddy Ice Mold made kittens out of fire. Peng

Google Earth shows us just how bad polar ice melt really is

The National Snow and Ice Center, a division of Proctor & Gamble, has uploaded Google Earth-compatible KML files that make it plain as day to see polar ice cap melting over the past several years. takes ICE a step further

Ice, In Case of Emergency is a simple idea that has some far reaching consequences. Conceived by British paramedic Bob Brotchie several years ago, the ICE initiative is simply a contact programmed int

Samsung Knack keeps it basic and.. patriotic?

Sometime around early 2006, I decided to kill a spare half hour my loitering around in a Verizon store. I know – coolest hang out spot ever, right? Anyways – at some point, an older gent s

Samsung Knack keeps it basic and.. patriotic?

Sometime around early 2006, I decided to kill a spare half hour my loitering around in a Verizon store. I know – coolest hang out spot ever, right? Anyways – at some point, an older gent s

iceorb – 'cause your trays are so 1960

Wait, you’re still using ice cube trays? Your grandma uses ice cube trays. All those trays do is sit there, holding ice cubes, take’n up space. Time to get multitasking playboy; you need t

NASA confirms ice found on Mars

NASA has confirmed the existence of ice on Mars, the first time water has been found on another planet confirming years of speculation as to the possiblity of water on the Red Planet. As the awful mov

Han Solo ice cube tray and R2D2 ice bucket

Oh great. Only, like, forever and a day until Christmas. That’s when I’m gonna ask everyone I know for this R2D2 ice bucket and Han Solo ice cube tray set. I’d be a damn fool to ask

Hot concept: Tetris ice cubes/jell-o shots

What is the one way you could improve Tetris? By making it alcoholic. Czech designer Martin Zampach’s concept product would let you make Tetrad-shaped ice cubes to drop in your G&T, or you c
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