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  • MIT Students Create An Ice Cream Printer

    MIT Students Create An Ice Cream Printer

    You scream, I scream, we all transform an off-the-shelf Cuisinart soft-serve maker to extrude super-cooled and 3D-printed shells of ice cream! Three students at MIT, Kyle Hounsell, Kristine Bunker, and David Donghyun Kim, have created a homemade ice cream printer that extrudes soft serve and immediately freezes it so that it can be layered on a cooled plate. The system is a proof-of-concept… Read More

  • Foundation Interview: Robyn Sue Fisher

    Foundation: Using Liquid Nitrogen And Tech To Create The World’s Best Ice Cream

    In the latest episode of my Foundation video series, I talk with Smitten Ice Cream Founder Robyn Sue Fisher. Robyn Sue explains how she built a solid alumni network at the Stanford, why she turned down a job with the FBI to become an entrepreneur, and the secrets behind the Kelvin, her one-of-a-kind instant ice cream freezer. Read More

  • Today In Brilliant Marketing Strategies: Uber Delivers Ice Cream

    Today In Brilliant Marketing Strategies: Uber Delivers Ice Cream

    Popular car service Uber is delivering ice cream today only to promote their newly diversified private rides. Last week, Uber expanded its fleet from Lincoln Town Cars to SUVs and hybrids in an additional service called “Uber X.” To market the change, Uber is offering on-demand ice cream to users, ordered and paid for through their app, in Boston, Chicago, New York City, San… Read More

  • OMG! DIY Drumsticks!

    I can’t eat much ice cream these days. Sure I’ll have a cup of this or that but those weird, multi-colored popsicles I can’t do and most of the tasty treets in my grocer’s freezer are pretty much garbage. But how can I meld my love of tasty treets with good old healthy ice-cream unadulterated with day-glo colorants and propellants? By making my own Drumsticks! What does… Read More

  • Reminder: Motorized ice cream cones exist

    This thing has been around for quite a while but just in case you’ve never seen it before (or just in case you’ve forgotten about it), here it is: a motorized ice cream cone. Read More