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1MRobotics emerges from stealth with $25M for ‘nano-fulfillment’ centers

As evidenced by recent layoffs and scaled-back expansions, on-demand delivery is a challenging space. Brands, retailers and operators push to deliver with maximum efficiency, a strategy that’s l

Stop guessing your KPIs; Varos shows e-commerce, SaaS companies how you compare to peers

Varos is shedding some light on how companies compare in terms of key performance indicators, like customer acquisition costs.

Ibex Investors’ newest fund is betting on a mobility revolution

When Ibex Investors founder and CEO Justin Borus looks at the transportation industry — and the technological changes that are coming — he sees one of the biggest opportunities in a lifetime. And

Cylus raises $30M Series B to help protect trains and metros worldwide

As rail systems undergo a digital revolution and become far more connected and advanced, railway operators face a rapidly growing threat landscape. To combat this, railway companies demand more robust

Upstream, a Miami-based professional networking platform, raises a $2.75M seed round

If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you have a LinkedIn profile with your digital resume and hundreds — if not thousands — of professional connections. But how many of

Blue dot raises $32M for AI that helps businesses manage their tax accounting

Artificial intelligence has become a fundamental cornerstone of how a lot of business software works, providing a useful boost in reading, understanding and using the often-fragmented trove of data th

Electric moped startup Revel raises $27.6 million as it eyes new markets

In less than two years, Revel has gone from an idea to a shared electric vehicle startup with more than 1,400 mopeds across Washington, D.C., and Brooklyn and Queens, New York. Now, it’s ready t