AWS hits $10B for the quarter putting it on a $40B run rate

AWS, the cloud arm of Amazon, would be a pretty successful business on its own. Today, the company announced it has passed $10 billion for the quarter, putting the cloud business on an impressive run

PubNub nabs $23M as its IaaS network hits 1.3T messages sent each month

There’s been a huge increase in the last decade of applications and services that rely on real-time notifications and other alerts as a core part of how they operate, and today one of the compan

Here’s everything AWS will announce today

Amazon is hosting the second of two major keynotes at its re:Invent developer conference in Las Vegas today. TechCrunch has received detailed notes on the contents of today’s keynote, which will

Workday gives IBM big win with seven-year cloud deal

Workday announced a 7-year cloud infrastructure deal with IBM Softlayer today to run their development and testing services on IBM’s cloud, handing IBM a huge win in the process. The Wall Stree

What real cloud-native apps will look like

There is much talk of "cloud native" these days, and people are taking liberties with the interpretation -- as they do with everything else associated with the cloud. Cade Metz put it right: “The te

Gridstore acquires DCHQ and becomes HyperGrid

Gridstore, a company that focuses on building software and data center appliances for Windows Hyper V-based clouds, today announced that it has acquired DCHQ, a service that helps enterprises move

MLB Runs Its Massive Statcast Tool In The AWS Cloud

Major League Baseball recognizes it’s a software-defined world and as such over the last several years, it’s been moving quickly to create applications to enhance the fan experience and le

Amazon Announces New Service Catalog Product at re:invent

Today on stage at AWS re:invent in Las Vegas, Andy Jassy, senior VP for AWS announced a new product called AWS Service Catalog that lets administrators set up a portal with a variety of services conf

Nobody Can Win The Cloud Pricing Wars

Earlier this week, Google lowered prices 10 percent across the board on their Google Compute Engine cloud platform . The cost is getting so low, it’s almost trivial for anyone to absorb the co

After $25B IPO, US Cloud Infrastructure Players Best Pay Attention to Alibaba

Amazon Web Services better watch its back. And while we’re at it, let’s issue a warning to Microsoft and Google and just about any cloud service you can think of, because there is a new pl

Massachusetts Open Cloud Project Hopes To Create Ad-Hoc Infrastructure Marketplace

Today, the cloud infrastructure market is dominated by several big companies — Amazon, Google and Microsoft — but a public/business/academia partnership called the Massachusetts Open Clou

UCloud, China’s Answer To AWS, Raises $50M As It Eyes Up An IPO In The U.S.

UCloud, a China-based provider of cloud computing infrastructure and services for games companies, mobile startups and other enterprises has raised $50 million in a Series B round of financing. UCl

Google Could Loosen Amazon’s Cloud Grip With Pay-Per-Use API Services

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Chris Potter is co-founder of <a target="_blank" href="http://www.screenlight.tv/">ScreenLight</a>, a cloud video collaboration service for video producers to review and appr

Eucalyptus Systems Aims For Private Cloud Dominance

Marten Mickos is working on a joke. He has the opening line -- "An app guy, an ops guy, and a VMware sales guy walk into a bar..." -- but he hasn't figured out what the punchline is, yet. Mickos is th

Readers: What’s Your Cloud Strategy?

I get press releases every week about some new (or old!) company and their so-called cloud solution. Some folks are clearly abusing the popularity of the "cloud" buzzword, and others are actually doin

Cloud Application Services Company Iron.io Raises $1.4 Million Seed Round From Baseline

Cloud application services provider <a href="http://www.iron.io/">Iron.io</a> has just closed a $1.4 million round of seed funding, led by <a href="http://www.crunchbase.com/financial-organization/bas