i am rich

  • Video: I Am Rich (and you can download it)

    Want to see I Am Rich in action? Sure, OK. You can download a cracked version here, being rich not required. Read More

  • Apple can remotely remove applications from your iPhone

    Is it officially time to freak out in Apple’s general direction? Not only does Apple remove applications from the App Store—I Am Rich was taken down yesterday, for example—but it’s now emerged that the company can remotely disable applications from individual iPhones. Apple will only do this in the case of malicious applications (and not merely dumb ones like I Am… Read More

  • I Am Rich iPhone app costs $1,000

    Oh! This application for the iPhone (and iPod touch) costs $1,000, or about €41, and does nothing but put a rotating red gem on the screen. The name of the app is I Am Rich, and it’s developed by Armin Heinrich. Hardly a big deal. Rich people buy silly things all the time, right? via Silicon Alley Insider Read More