• Auto manufacturers need stable startup partners

    Auto manufacturers need stable startup partners

    TU-Automotive, which analyzes the future of the connected, autonomous car, recently hosted a webinar focused on the relationship between automotive manufacturers and startups. SK Kim, venture capitalist and manager at Hyundai Ventures, and Liz Kerton, executive director of the Autotech Council, laid out the challenges of mashing together a century-old industry with nimble new companies. As… Read More

  • Chevrolet To Offer CarPlay And Android Auto In 14 Models Starting This Summer

    Chevrolet To Offer CarPlay And Android Auto In 14 Models Starting This Summer

    It’s about time. Chevy is going to start offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto across its vehicle line. The rollout will start in a few weeks and eventually hit 14 Chevy models. Apple and Google announced these systems in early 2014 and have since signed on most automakers. Chevy joins just Hyundai in providing a launch timetable, though. Owners of 2016 Hyundai Sonata can visit dealers… Read More

  • Google Maps And Places Are Coming To Hyundai’s And Kia’s Telematics Platforms

    Google Maps And Places Are Coming To Hyundai’s And Kia’s Telematics Platforms

    Google just announced that the Hyundai Motor Company, the corporation behind the Hyundai and Kia car brands, will integrate Google Maps and Places into its telematics systems. Both Hyundai’s Blue Link and Kia’s second-generation UVO eServices will soon give drivers access to Google Maps and Google Places. Read More

  • Hyundai's Blue2 Fuel Cell Concept Is What A Future Car Should Be

    Hyundai plans to reveal their rather fetching Blue2 (pronounced “Blue square”) hydrogen fuel cell concept later this week at the Seoul Motor Show. We haven’t been seeing many hydrogen-powered cars lately — most of the ongoing eco-craze involves electric cars. Nonetheless, hydrogen-powered cars are considered to be the industry’s endgame, and the… Read More

  • Review: 2011 Hyundai Equus Ultimate

    This last week we spent time enjoying the ultimate in Korean luxury that is the Hyundai Equus. We weren’t too impressed with early photos but upon first sight, in person, those impressions were immediately discharged. The Equus looks boss, like Kkangpae boss, with a stance on the road so sexy that watchers-on know someone important is in the back. This is the first attempt from a… Read More

  • The Technology Behind The Hyundai Equus Is Impressive

    As we move into the next decade, there will be a push for more electronics in our cars. We humans can’t get enough of this thing called constant contact. It doesn’t even have to be with another human; just playing on smartphone apps is enough to lull that endless depression that comes from living in the overstimulation zoo that is modern society. Consumers want technology that… Read More

  • A Week In The High-Tech Hyundai Equus Super Sedan

    The Hyundai Equus, pronounced Eh-cuus, is Hyundai’s flagship luxury sedan in South Korea—so popular among the upper-class, that the South Korean President has one. Continuing off the car maker’s recent successes in the states, Hyundai is bringing the Equus here to enjoy sales from the already-brimming full-size luxury segment. This is the first Korean car to compete… Read More

  • Hyundai goes nuts with OLED screens

    Hyundai? Pretty please bring OLED screens to the automotive world. It doesn’t have to be as futuristic as the dashboard in the Blue-Will concept car, but OLEDs are just so nice. Ford is already using LCD screens in its latest hybrids, but why not up the game a bit, and do something radical? Please? Read More

  • RIDES Mac-powered Hyundai Genesis

    It’s every Mac fanboys wet dream to embed an OS X touchscreen computer inside their ride. When RIDES does a mobile Mac workstation though, it’s more of an Apple Store on wheels with – get this – two Mac Mini’s, a MacBook Air, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, 20-inch Cinema display, along with a bunch of car audio wares all within the surprisingly sexy Hyundai Genesis sedan. Read More

  • Microsoft and Hyundai dropping $166m on "Automotive IT Innovation Center"

    Looks like Gates has been sweet-talking the Koreans. He met with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak to talk about working with South Korean companies, and lo and behold, a multi-million dollar deal emerges shortly after. MS and Hyundai are going to work together on a “music and information system” linking mobiles, car stereos, and presumably GPS units and various other car… Read More

  • Hyundai's new in-dash displays have people seeing double (Ha! Ha!)

    [photopress:20080218174129450.jpg,full,center] Much like the DLP dual-view monitors we checked out at CES, Hyundai has found a way to make an LCD monitor that displays different information depending on the angle, meaning that the driver and passenger can both look at it and each see entirely different screens. Ideally, this is so the driver can view GPS information while the passenger… Read More