• Hypermac Will Stop Selling Its Charging Cables

    Remember when Apple filed suit against Hypermac for infringing on their MagSafe and iPod chargin cables? For those who don’t know, Hypermac’s battery solutions provide extra battery life for Apple products by connecting a big battery, via a MagSafe, to the Macbook and Macbook Pro or to an i-Device via the dock connector. Read More

  • Apple Sues HyperMac Maker Over MagSafe, iPod Patents

    Eying on of HyperMac’s battery solutions? You better get one fast, bub,  because Apple just released the legal hounds on the accessory maker over six patent violations concerning MagSafe and iPod topics. The suit seems to have some teeth, too. Sanho, the maker of the HyperMac line, uses actual Apple MagSafe and dock connector parts manufactured by Apple and advertises it. Read More

  • The HyperMac will charge your Mac notebook and iPhone off the grid

    The HyperMac from Koyono aims to keep your notebook and iPhone charged when you don’t have access to a power outlet. If they had swappable batteries, this wouldn’t be an issue. Apple, however, decided that no one actually wants to change batteries on the go anymore; that’s a last gen feature. That’s fine. The HyperMac looks like it should get the job done. Read More

  • Quick Look: HyperMac, external MacBook battery

    Ah yes, HyperMac, how I’ve pined over you for two whole days and now I have you in my possession. The 60Wh and 150Wh are in our testing lab (re: my office/apt) and we’ll have a review shortly, but just wanted you to see what they looked like in person (images of the 60Wh only). The 60Wh is pretty small and relatively lightweight while the 150Wh is a bit of brick and heavy, but if… Read More

  • HyperMac = portable battery for all MacBook models, promises up to 32 hours of juice

    Praise Jeebus! Today in Sunnyvale, CA, Sanho announced the world’s first external battery pack for all MacBook laptops. The HyperMac is available in 60Wh, 100Wh, 150Wh and 222Wh capacities with built-in variable power tech that adjusts output based on the MacBook model that’s being charged. You can also plug in your iPhone or just anything else via a USB port. Each HyperMac model… Read More