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  • Why we don’t believe in tech ‘themes’ Crunch Network

    Why we don’t believe in tech ‘themes’

    The tech hype-cycle works something like this: Some driver triggers a flurry of investments in a particular “theme,” which in turn feeds news flow, panel discussions at conferences and a procession of expert “talking heads.” This febrile atmosphere all too often results in companies that are more noise than substance and an increasingly congested marketplace, which makes… Read More

  • Where Are We In The Hype Cycle?

    New technologies tend to follow different trajectories of hype, hope, and despair as they are discovered by different groups of people and finally adopted (or ignored) by consumers. Gartner actually goes ahead and charts this hype cycle for different technologies. Its latest hype cycle for 2008, shown above, is making the rounds. (It was released in July, but is just now reaching the… Read More