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  • Lincoln reportedly plans to electrify entire lineup by 2022

    Lincoln reportedly plans to electrify entire lineup by 2022

    Ford’s Lincoln luxury brand is looking to field electrified powertrain options for all of its vehicles by 2022. Ford’s electric plans for Lincoln could be fully revealed as soon as next month, and could help the company with its plans in China, which is gradually introducing rules for auto sales in the country designed to encourage the update of EVs. Read More

  • 2016 Mercedes-Benz C350e soothes range anxiety

    2016 Mercedes-Benz C350e soothes range anxiety

    The 2016 Mercedes-Benz C350e plug-in hybrid sedan is not a Tesla fighter. It’s not even much of a Chevy Volt fighter. It is a very comfortable, very refined plug-in-hybrid mid-range Mercedes. So if that’s your jam, this is your car. The C350e has a 2-liter gasoline engine and a 60-kW electric motor, for a combined 275 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque, which means quick merging on… Read More

  • The business side of the Karma reboot

    The business side of the Karma reboot

    In 2009, I went to what was probably the saddest auto show Detroit has ever seen. It was the January after the economy collapsed and auto makers were teetering on the edge of going bust. But there were a couple of bright spots in the hall filled with smaller car companies, where Tesla and Fisker Automotive both had vehicles on display. (There was also a Chevy Volt in the bigger hall.) The… Read More

  • Honda and Volvo add more electrification

    Honda and Volvo add more electrification

    Honda announced it’s going to expand its Clarity line to include an all-electric version and a plug-in hybrid next year. The latest version of the Honda Clarity will be available later this year any way you want it, as along as you want a fuel-cell vehicle. The other two variants will be ready in 2017. Honda’s goal is to have electrified vehicles, including plug-in hybrids and… Read More

  • New power device diode brings dream of more efficient hybrid cars closer

    Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has claimed on Thursday [JP] it developed a diode (pictured above) for power semiconductor devices that can withstand temperatures exceeding 400 C. Read More

  • Ten alternative hybrid car engine noises

    Working off of the post from earlier today concerning Lotus adding artificial engine noise to hybrid cars in the name of safety, we thought we might see how a few alternatives might work instead of the boring artificial car engine sound. Read More

  • Hybrid Vehicles: It’s quiet out there, a little too quiet

    We’ve all heard the whispers and murmurs regarding adding artificial noise to hybrid cars so that pedestrians don’t get hit and it appears that we’re heading in that direction for real. Lotus is working on artificial engine noise and there’s apparently even a $300 module you can add to your Toyota Prius to give it that throaty vroom-vroom sound it’s been… Read More

  • Popular Mechanics takes Aptera electric car for a spin

    If you haven’t heard of Aptera yet, you’ll probably be hearing a whole lot about the company in the coming months. It’s got two models of automobiles coming out next year. One is just about ready — named the Aptera Typ-1 e — which is all-electric and gets 120 miles per charge. The Typ-1 h is a gasoline/electric hybrid that’ll be available in 2009 and is… Read More