hurt locker

  • Hurt Locker BitTorrent lawsuits continue, but with restraints

    More news on the story that has captured America’s undivided attention. No, not the World Cup, which has captured my undivided attention, but the Hurt Locker BitTorrent lawsuits. When we last left you the Electronic Frontier Foundation was preparing to argue in front of a Federal judge that, in effect, the lawsuits were bunk. That didn’t exactly go as planned, but it’s not… Read More

  • Hurt Locker copyright owners not trying to stop the sharing

    While the producers of Hurt Locker have been quick to sue anyone they can find that’s downloaded the film, they’re not following the typical pattern of movie producers. Typically, after the producers start suing everyone they can find that downloaded the movie, they send out cease and desist orders. Not in this case. Read More

  • EFF trying to get Hurt Locker BitTorrent lawsuits thrown out

    First, TorrentFreak rules. Second, TorrentFreak rules. Third… Well, you know what third is! The guys over there point out that the Electronic Frontier Foundation, sorta like the ACLU for tech, will appear in federal court this week, trying to stop all those Hurt Locker BitTorrent lawsuits. The main reason is that the U.S. Copyright Group, which is just a fancy-sounding name for an… Read More

  • 700 IP addresses from Hurt Locker BitTorrent lawsuits released: See if you're one of the lucky ones!

    Around 700 IP addresses implicated in the Hurt Locker BitTorrent downloads lawsuit have been released. They’re part of the public record so it’s not like these addresses were surreptitiously acquired or anything like that. One interesting observation: none of the IP addresses belong to Time Warner, the one ISP that’s putting up a fight. Hmm? Read More