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Codeforindia Website Connects Western Coders With Indian Social Workers

Karl Mehta, the man who helped coordinate the technology response to Hurricane Sandy, has moved his attention to another emergency situation: India's decaying social infrastructure. He has personally

Open Government Initiatives Helped New Yorkers Stay Connected During Hurricane Sandy

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Rachel Haot is the first Chief Digital Officer for the City of New York, where she leads NYC Digital and is focused on the city’s digital media strategy.</em> From hack

The Weekly Good: Cory Booker On Public Service, Twitter, And…Burning Buildings

<strong>[Note: This is the first of a weekly series, if your company is doing something amazing to help a charitable cause or doing some good in your community, <a target="_blank" href="mailto:drew@be

Apple Gives $2.5 Million To Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts, Raises Additional “Millions” Via iTunes

Apple is donating $2.5 million to Hurricane Sandy relief, according to an internal staff email obtained by 9t05Mac this morning. The lump sum donation is in addition to the company's collection of mon

Yahoo’s Homepage Isn’t Raising Enough Money For Hurricane Sandy Relief, Let’s All Step Up

We're just now learning what level the devastation that <a target="_blank" href="">Hurricane Sandy</a> caused on the East Coast, specifically in New York Ci

After Hurricane Sandy, NY Startups Have To Find A Place To Get Back To Work

Recovering from Hurricane Sandy is no small feat as most of Lower Manhattan is still in the dark without power. I talked with a couple of people working in startups who had to find a place to get back

Twitter Releases Numbers Related To Hurricane Sandy: More Than 20M Tweets Sent During Its Peak

As you know, the <a href="">devastation of Hurricane Sandy</a> has hit millions. Many turned to

Airbnb Waives Fees For Sandy-Affected Users, Encourages Lower Prices From Hosts

We've seen <a href="">a few companies</a> <a href="https://te

Facebook Gifts Get Charitable: You Can Now Give The Gift Of Donations To Your Friends

Facebook Gifts launched with the ability for you to buy something meaningful for a friend or family member on the social network. <a href="

Online Consignment Shop ThredUP Launches Digital Fundraising Platform Called “Groups,” Now Raising Money For Hurricane Sandy Relief

Online consignment shop <a target="_blank" href="">thredUP</a> is launching a timely new feature called Groups, which allows consumers to use the service in order to generate ca

FCC: Sandy Took Down 25% Of Cell Towers In 10 States

If you think Sandy's slow, steady passing is a sign of good things to come, think again. It's going to take days (at the very least) to restore power to many of the 7 million+ people living in darknes

New York’s Temporarily Halts Shipping Over Hurricane Sandy Fallout

The fallout from Hurricane Sandy is still affecting startups left and right. New York's sent a memo out to customers today saying that it is temporarily halting shipments of packages because i

Facebook Becomes Nation’s Hurricane Bulletin Board: “We Are Ok” Is #1 Shared Term This Morning

While Twitter plays both the rumor mill and fact checker for Hurricane Sandy news reports, Facebook is how people are leaving notes for loved ones about their particular situations. "We are ok" was th

Hurricane Sandy Propels YouTube, Red Cross, And Flashlight Apps To Top Spots In App Store

Hurricane Sandy has clearly <a target="_blank" href="">taken its toll</a> on the East Coast. At

Google Adds Power Outage Information To Its Hurricane Sandy Crisis Map

As we brought to your attention last night, <a href="">Google set up what it calls a "Crisis Ma

Hurricane Sandy Attacks The Web: Gawker, BuzzFeed and Huffington Post Are Down (UPDATED)

If Hurricane Sandy wasn’t scary enough, it’s newest victims are in the blogosphere. We’ve just learned that Gawker’s fleet of sites, including Gizmodo are down. Also Hurricane Sandy victims?

Major Wireless Carriers Hunker Down For Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, what may essentially be the biggest storm to hit the North Eastern seaboard in history, is barreling toward us, through the Atlantic, at this very second. It's estimated to cause betw

NYSE And NASDAQ To Close Down On Monday And Possibly Tuesday Due To Hurricane Sandy

According to Reuters, the U.S. Stock Market will be closed on Monday due to interference that will be caused by the logistical nightmare that comes along with such a huge weather event like <a href="h

The Internet Bands Together To Weather Hurricane Sandy: Helpful Resources And Details, Including Google’s Crisis Map

Google has a fantastic program that prepares the world for major events involving Mother Nature, and it has set up a <a target="_blank" href="">crisis map</a> for