• Joost Turns On Its All-Flash Website. Is Anybody Watching?

    Without much fanfare, Joost has finally turned on the browser version of its Web video service, as we noted it would last month. The new site is all based on Flash, and lets you watch old Bruce Lee flicks, Sci-Fi movies like The Fifth Element, and clips from Barely Political and Comedy Central. The Flash site comes almost exactly a year after I wrote a post pointing out that Joost’s… Read More

  • Time Warner tells price-gouging TV provider to take a long walk off a short pier

    We really ought to applaud Time Warner, I think. A company that owns the rights to broadcast some of the major networks in certain markets, LIN TV, has been playing hardball with the cable operator, demanding more money for access to the channels. Time Warner is all, “But, you can get these channels for free over the air, and many times online, why should we pay you (and raise our… Read More

  • Roku opening its Netflix Player to developers

    The Roku Netflix Player is an amazing little set-top box that streams Netflix movies, but Roku is hoping for so much more. The company has gone on record, stating that its going to open the platform for other content providers within the coming months. Does this mean we will finally see a quality Hulu or YouTube living room solution? I sure hope so, because with the Roku Netflix box $99 MSRP… Read More

  • Like Sister Site Hulu, New MySpace Music Is Just For U.S. Users

    The new MySpace Music launches tonight for everyone. But like Hulu, another joint venture backed by News Corp. (MySpace’s parent company), it’ll only be for U.S. users. International users will see the new design and functionality, but the new content won’t be there. Hulu is now a year old and most video content is still only watchable in the U.S. MySpace already has tens… Read More

  • Hulu Launches All Kinds Of Stuff To Keep You Defocused On Joost

    There’s no way Hulu is going to let Joost get a foothold in the race for attention in online professionally produced video. So what happens when Joost ditches the download, goes all browser and launches a social network around their content? Hulu can do that. No problem. Tonight, via a 1 am press release, Hulu launches: show recommendations, user discussion forums for programs and… Read More

  • TiVo: Give me access and I'll be yours forever

    I have a proposal for you TiVo. If you give me access, I will buy your expensive lifetime subscription plan. The implantation has to be better than the lackluster YouTube support though, along with giving full and complete access through a browsable interface too. You see TiVo, the YouTube access is great, but I really don’t want to watch babies laughing or unicorns prancing on… Read More

  • Hulu vs. Amazon: Amazon Never Stood A Chance

    Since Amazon released its video on demand service earlier today, I’ve pored over each and every section of the site to determine if it has what it takes to supplant Hulu as the best online video service providing professional network content. And after doing just that, I’ve quickly realized that it doesn’t. Amazon has done all it can to solidify its stance in the online… Read More

  • Can Hulu Be A Bigger Business Than YouTube?

    Google’s foray into the online video market has been criticized by many. In fact, some believe that Google’s decision to acquire YouTube was one of the worst it has ever made, thanks to the confluence of massive copyright violations and Google’s financial backing, which gave copyright holders the impetus they needed to sue the popular site. Others believe that… Read More

  • Dr. Horrible Not So Horrible, And It's Now On Hulu (Update: And International)

    Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog is a 40 minute musical that stars Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible, a bumbling, video blogging super villain who’s trying to get into the Evil League of Evil. The project is available on iTunes for $4 – this week Hulu also put it on its site for free with commercials. The video is an experiment in a new type of video… Read More

  • New Widgets At Hulu; We Talk To CTO Eric Feng

    Hulu, the online video joint venture between NBC and News Corp., launched last October. Today the site has 140 free on-demand movies available to anyone (as long as they are in the U.S.) and 700 total titles (including TV). As of March 2008 they were serving 83 million monthly video streams. Tonight the site is launching a number of new embeddable widgets that allow third party sites to add… Read More

  • Game Over. Hulu Wins. They Have The Daily Show. And Colbert.

    Ok, I’ve been ridiculously hard on Hulu from the beginning. But that ends. Today. Because Hulu is now streaming full episodes of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, from Comedy Central. No more Tivo. No more dealing with BitTorrent. I can just log in and watch the show in 480p, and that makes me very, very happy. I will never again refer to Hulu as Clown Co. Or… Read More

  • Given Internet alternatives, why do people still pay for cable TV?

    Flickr’d Why do you still pay for cable TV? That’s what today’s New York Times asks, while noting that as the price of damn near everything increases—food and fuel most notably—so, too, does the price of sitting at home and watching TV. Since 1996, price of a cable TV subscription has risen about 77 percent, to an average of $60 per month. (I pay right around… Read More

  • Hulu Shares Usage Stats, Expands Distribution Network

    Hulu, the online joint video venture between NBC and News Corp that officially launched two months ago, is sharing some stats on its viewership. According to the Nielsen Net Ratings, Hulu led all network sites in total video streams and overall engagement time in April. Hulu users are streaming over 63 million videos and, on average, are watching over two hours of video per month each. Hulu is… Read More

  • Hulu coming to a mobile phone/internet device near you?

    Jason Kilar, the CEO of NBC’s web-TV site Hulu, has suggested at NAB that Hulu may be on its way to other net-enabled gadgets. He says they’re “ripe for the Hulu experience,” whatever that is. Sounds like a psychedelic rock band from Japan: The Hulu Experience presents OTOFOKASURENZU. Moving on: Kilar also talked about picking up cult hits like Felicity and… Read More

  • PluggedIn Wants to be Hulu For Music Videos

    At first glance, music might seem to be a saturated market on the web. Sites like have music suggestions, artists profile, and communities covered, the iTunes and Amazon music stores make purchasing a breeze, and music videos can be found littered across Youtube and many other sites. It’s time to make room for one more, and it has the potential to be big. Pluggedin, a music… Read More

  • Hulu Working On International Streaming, Canada, UK + Australia Up First

    Hulu has started offering the above box to international users visiting the site from outside of the United States, the first sign that the service may soon be available in more countries than one. First spotted by Watch TV Online, the region drop down box preferences Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia above all other countries, suggesting that they might be the first outside of the… Read More

  • CBS Testing HD Streaming

    CBS released a high definition player today in the labs area of their site, along with a few clips. They are currently streaming (not progressive download) in H.264/AVC format at 480p, with 720p and 1080p coming soon, they say. Hulu and others are also beginning to test high definition streaming. Some shows on Hulu, for example, are optionally available in 480p format. They also have a few… Read More

  • South Park Studios – It's Like AllSP, But Legal It hasn’t been hard for people to watch the cult favorite show South Park (possibly the best show on television) online. Sites like Allsp (All South Park) have had the entire catalog available for some time. And episodes are always available on BitTorrent immediately after broadcast. Instead of fighting BitTorrent… Read More

  • Hulu opens up to the public tomorrow

    Hulu, which has been throwing me the above 500 error all morning as I try to log in with my beta credentials, will be open to the public tomorrow. It’s tallied up about five million viewers in the past month, which is impressive for a site that hasn’t been open to just anyone yet. It’s got a pretty broad swatch of content partners, too, including Fox, NBC Universal, MGM… Read More

  • It's Official: Hulu Opens Up on Wednesday

    No one can say they didn’t see this one coming: Hulu will finally open up to the public this week, on Wednesday to be precise and yes, it’s official. The company’s been in private beta for 4.5 months. If you haven’t managed to snag one of the many invitations floating around, you’re probably thinking “big deal”. But as I expressed in my initial… Read More