• Poll: Would you use Hulu on your Xbox 360?

    The latest rumor circling around the Intertubes is that there might be a Xbox 360 Hulu app coming soon similar to the upcoming Hulu Desktop app. Is that something you would use regularly? Serious. How often would you use a native Hulu app on your Xbox 360? I know I would use it more than the Netflix app which lost my attention after the second movie I watched, but how about you. {democracy:58} Read More

  • Hulu Labs Now Live: Recommendations, Time-Based Browsing, And More

    Earlier this morning we stumbled across Hulu Desktop, an impressive new application from the popular video portal that lets you use your remote to control your Hulu experience. As it turns out, Desktop is only one of a set of new features Hulu is launching today as part of Hulu Labs, which is now live. First, there’s Time-Based Browsing, which is the feature I’m going to be using… Read More

  • Hulu Desktop Lets You Rot Your Brain From The Comfort Of Your Couch

    Since launching in late 2007, Hulu has done one one thing very well: it lets you watch your favorite TV shows and movies from your computer, free of charge. But aside from improving the user experience with assorted niceties like smart thumbnails, improved navigation, and social features, the site hasn’t really done anything extreme to expand its functionality. That changes today. One… Read More

  • Control Freaks: Hulu Now Blocks Anonymous Proxies Too

    There are few web services hotter than Hulu these days. It’s about to surge into the number two web video position (behind only YouTube) and it just signed a deal with Disney to give it even more great content. It’s all great — if you live in the U.S. Outside of this country, if you’ve wanted to access Hulu, you’ve either been out of luck, or had to use a proxy… Read More

  • New Hulu Spot: 'The Leary Mission'

    Hulu has just released the latest in its series of star-studded ads, this time featuring Dennis Leary in a spot called ‘The Leary Mission’. He plays an alien trying to turn humans’ brains to mush by watching TV online. In the ad he gives the following instructions: “Now I need you to take your stubby little human fingers and hit this button on Hulu. Then you can… Read More

  • Research suggests Internet could run out of bandwidth in the coming years

    Will the Internet run out of bandwidth? That’s the concern expressed by an upcoming study, and it could mean the end of the Internet as we know it. Uselessly slow Web sites (think: YouTube, Hulu), Internet “brownouts” (“please wait: processing request”), and general mayhem could be the norm in just a few years’ time. So let’s freak out about it. Read More

  • Disney Buys Into Hulu. YouTube Should Be Worried.

    As Hulu continues its spectacular rise (it is the No. 3 video site in the U.S. and is closing in on No. 2), it just got major buy-in from yet another major media company. Disney is now an investor, joining News Corp and NBC (along with private equity firm Providence Equity Partners). Each of the three media companies now reportedly own 27 percent of Hulu. As the initial exclusivity for NBC… Read More

  • Hulu Now The Number Three U.S. Web Video Site. Soon To Be Number Two.

    Just last month, we wrote that Hulu had gained some 10 million viewers to become the fourth largest video portal on the web. Now, it’s slain another rival to the list: Yahoo, to move into #3 — at least in terms of videos viewed. To be clear, the new March U.S. numbers released by comScore show that Hulu is still slightly behind Yahoo’s video properties when it comes to… Read More

  • CEO Jason Kilar On The State Of Hulu

    Hulu CEO Jason Kilar sits down with Sarah Lacy on Yahoo Tech Ticker. The first and second segments are now up. In the first segment, in response to Lacy’s question about why Hulu removed its content from the popular Boxee service, he talks about his need to juggle the needs of his three customers – networks, viewers and advertisers. The networks must be kept happy to make sure Hulu… Read More

  • Hulu For The iPhone? Yes, Please. But Don't Get Your Hopes Up Just Yet.

    Ask people what their favorite website is, and increasingly you’ll hear Hulu (at least in the US). The NBC and Fox-backed online video service just kicks ass when it comes to content, interface and overall execution. And now it’s apparently going to attempt to translate that into a kickass iPhone app, according to Business Insider. Sure, there are other iPhone apps that offer… Read More

  • Boxee Continues To Innovate With API And New Alpha Version For Mac, Apple TV

    Free entertainment hub Boxee keeps on getting better and better. A couple of hours ago, the venture-backed startup released a full API that allows developers to build applications for the open-source platform using a set of API calls in Python and writing the GUI using XML. At the same time, the company is laying the groundwork for a richer App Box, which it refers to as an open application… Read More

  • Justin.TV Is Bigger Than Hulu . . . Overseas

    Live video on the Web is starting to take off, judging by the massive jump in traffic that is witnessing. According to comScore, the live video site’s global audience saw a massive jump from 9.3 million unique visitors in January to 15 million in February, which is about the same number of people who went to Veoh and nearly twice as many as visited Of course, Hulu… Read More

  • Hulu Gains 10 Million Viewers In February, Now No. 4 Video Site In U.S.

    Hulu jumped two spots to become the fourth largest video site in the U.S. in February, according to the latest data from comScore VideoMetrix. Hulu drew an audience of 34.7 million people who watched 332.5 million video streams. That is a 42 percent increase in unique U.S. visitors, up from 24.5 million in January, and a 33 percent increase in streams, up from and 250.5 million streams. In… Read More

  • Giggiddy: Seth MacFarlane Joins Hulu's Alien Plot

    Hulu has just posted the latest addition to its ads detailing its plans to “turn our chunky brain matter into creamy goo” and take over the world. Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane has joined the cause, lending some of the show’s most well known voices to promote the popular streaming video site in the amusing ad embedded below. Hulu’s ad campaign is funny, unique… Read More

  • Have you tried out Plex's App Store yet? It's pretty neat

    Have you guys used Plex lately? We’ve written about the application, which is a Mac-optimized fork of XBMC, in the past, but didn’t mention its latest update. It’s now known as Plex Media Server, and it’s really a great way to watch movies on your Mac. And now with the Media Server update, it can be outfitted with all sorts of plugins that greatly expand its functionality. Read More

  • Boxee adds Hulu support (kind-of). App Box, and auto update

    We’ve already shown you one dirty way of re-enabling Hulu on Boxee but now there is an official work around direct from Boxee via RSS. The latest build adds support for video RSS fees and so…all you need to do is add Hulu’s public RSS feed to the app’s reader. It’s surely not as sexy as the past application, but it’s better than nothing. Plus, App Box and… Read More

  • Joost Continues Fight For Relevancy, Teams Up With Social Network Netlog

    Don’t count out Joost just yet. We recently wrote it still has a heartbeat despite the fact they made the wrong bet years ago by underestimating the power of the web for watching videos. They finally switched to Flash late last year, giving up on P2P, and introduced some social networking features around the video viewing experience to battle established players like Hulu, and… Read More

  • Hulu Gets An Unofficial Desktop App In MyMediaPlayer2

    Everything comes around full circle. First we had Joost, Babelgum, Veoh, and others create standalone client software for watching online videos, but the ease and ubiquity of watching directly in the browser trumped whatever technical benefits a standalone client provided. The rise of YouTube, and more recently Hulu, proved that. But now that watching videos on the Web is something many of… Read More

  • Apple TV 2.3.1 updated totally borks the Boxee add-on

    It goes without saying that Apple really doesn’t want you messing with their APIs in non-approved ways. The latest update for the Apple TV doesn’t seem to do much more than remove third-party add-ons like Boxee. Hopefully this reaches you in time before the auto-update function kicks on so you can save your precious, non-Hulu supporting app. Read More

  • Screw the man, get Hulu back on Boxee and XBMC

    Hulu didn’t make any friends this week when the NBC-owned site succumbed to the pressure of content owners and had the content pulled from Boxee. Alec Baldwin wasn’t kidding when he said the company was evil. Anyway, thanks to the hacking of some disgruntle geeks, you can now get access back on both Boxee and XBMC. Read More