Chrome will soon mark all unencrypted pages as ‘not secure’

Google’s Chrome browser will soon flag every site that doesn’t use HTTPS encryption. Starting in July, with the launch of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as ‘not secure&#8

Google says 64% of Chrome traffic on Android now protected with HTTPS, 75% on Mac, 66% on Windows

Google’s push to make the web more secure by flagging sites using insecure HTTP connections appears to be working. The company announced today that 64 percent of Chrome traffic on Android is now

All new executive branch .gov domains will ditch HTTP, enforce HTTPS

Government websites just took a serious step toward robust security. Today, the Federal Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council announced that all new executive branch domains moving forward will use

Federal government improves encrypted web connections, but misses goal

For over a year, the U.S. Government has worked to establish secure connections to all federal websites, protecting visitors from malware and tracking. And although it didn’t meet the White Hous

Firefox users chalk up HTTPS encryption milestone

A majority of Mozilla users were served encrypted pageloads for the first time yesterday, meaning their web browsing data was secured from snoopers and hackers while in transit.

Chrome is helping kill HTTP

2016 might be the year that HTTP finally dies. Chrome’s security team announced today that the browser will start marking websites that use insecure HTTP connections to transmit passwords and cr

Google says 97% of connections to YouTube are now encrypted

Earlier this year, Google launched a new section to its Transparency Report that highlighted the use of HTTPS to encrypt connections between its users' devices and its servers. At the time, the report

TechCrunch has gone HTTPS

The Newstweek is a small device that plugs into a wall outlet and allows you to modify the contents of news sites for readers using public Wi-Fi networks without their awareness. According to their we

Google enables HTTPS for all Blogspot sites

Google today made HTTPS connections the default for all of the sites on its Blogspot domain. Google first enabled HTTPS for Blogspot last September, but at the time, it was an opt-in feature. Starti

Let’s Encrypt free HTTPS certification push exits beta

An initiative to encourage more websites to encrypt connections by offering free digital certificates has today exited beta, six months on from its initial launch -- the idea behind Let's Encrypt bein

Gmail Will Soon Warn Users When Emails Arrive Over Unencrypted Connections

Soon, you may see a warning in Gmail that tells you that an email has arrived over an unencrypted connection. Gmail already defaults to using HTTPS for the connections between your browser and its

Google Brings HTTPS Support To Blogspot

Over the last few years, Google brought support for encrypted HTTPS connections to almost all of its products, including search, Gmail and Google Drive. It's now even using HTTPS support as a ranking

The Wikimedia Foundation Turns On HTTPS By Default Across All Sites, Including Wikipedia

The Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia and a number of other wiki-based projects, announced this morning that it’s now implementing HTTPS by default across all its sites in order to enc

Mozilla, EFF And Others Band Together To Provide Free SSL Certificates

Ideally, every time you visit a website, that connection should happen over a secure HTTPS connection so nobody can snoop on your surfing habits when you are using a public network at a coffee shop or

Notes From Crazytown, Day Three: Black Hat Breakdown

So far this week, at Black Hat, I have learned to deeply mistrust: passwords, chip-and-PIN cards, USB devices, HTTPS connections, more than two billion phones, governments worldwide, all human societi

Google Says Website Encryption – Or Lack Thereof – Will Now Influence Search Rankings

Google will begin using website encryption, or HTTPS, as a ranking signal - a move which should prompt website developers who have dragged their heels on increased security measures, or who debated wh

Twitter Enables "Always Use HTTPS" Setting

<img src="" /> So did Ashton Kutcher complain after he got Twitter hacked at TED? As of today, Firesheep weary T

Facebook Beefs Up Security With Social Captchas and All HTTPS, All The Time

<img src=""> Facebook is introducing two new measures to <a href="">beef up secu