Chrome Will Drop SPDY Support On May 15

With SPDY, Google laid much of the groundwork for what later become HTTP/2, the next-gen version of the HTTP protocol that is responsible for sending websites to your browser. Now that HTTP/2 is an of

Why The Internet Needs IPFS Before It’s Too Late

IPFS isn’t exactly a well-known technology yet, even among many in the Valley, but it’s quickly spreading by word of mouth among folks in the open-source community. Many are excited by its potenti

Email Is The Last, And Ultimate, Social Graph

One of the magical innovations of the Web 2.0 era was when the bigger social platforms opened their doors to third-party app developers. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter widely touted ,and profited from

Google Wants To Speed Up The Web With Its QUIC Protocol

You may have never heard of it, but if you are a Chrome user, chances are you’ve used Google’s QUIC protocol already. As Google disclosed this week, about half of all requests from Chrom

Google Starts Fading Out SPDY Support In Favor Of HTTP/2 Standard

Google today announced that it plans to fade out support for SPDY — its alternative to HTTP — in Chrome by early 2016. Now that the next version of HTTP is well on its way to standardizat

Gillmor Gang: Pulp Friction

The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, Keith Teare, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor — talk FirePhone and its impact on digital transactions in the material world. For starters, it's not really a phone a

The Next Version Of HTTP Is Starting To Look Very SPDY

It will still be more than two years before we can expect to see the final revision of HTTP 2.0, the successor to the HTTP 1.1 standard which dictates how virtually every application on the web commun

This Is Not The Net You Thought You Knew

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Apache httpd is fifteen years old

<img src="" />My buddy <a href="">Rich tweeted</a> a terse message yesterday afternoon

Create Beautiful 3D Landscapes With Your Pirated Downloads

Those of you who pirate or download via P2P quite a bit might want to check out Packet Garden. Designed to create a 3D model landscape from your P2P traffic, this software is perfect for getting high