• Lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard now available from Brando for $64

    This may very well be the first time I’ve ever seen Brando sell a product from a big name manufacturer. Normally known for whimsical crap gadgets from faraway lands (and I mean that in the best way possible), the web store is now selling the HTPC-friendly Lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard for $64. Read More

  • Lenovo’s mini wireless keyboard/trackball combo looks sofa-friendly

    Well hello there, Handsome. File this one under “Stuff I Want Despite No Practical Use In My Household” and cross file it into the “Not Bad For $60” folder. We’re looking at an HTPC-friendly remote control with built-in keyboard, trackball, and media buttons from Lenovo. Read More

  • GlideTV: Thumb-friendly HTPC remote

    The GlideTV Navigator is a $150 wireless remote control for use with home theater PC setups. The large-ish center trackpad area is surrounded by various buttons while the outside of the remote features media, search, power, and volume controls. Read More

  • Cool $40 HTPC remote features trackpad, QWERTY keypad

    Here’s what you get when you take a BlackBerry and replace the screen with a trackpad – a nice remote control for an HTPC. It’s compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac and uses wireless RF signals to communicate with an included USB receiver. Read More

  • VIA Mini-ITX board features dual HDMI, on-board 1080p graphics chip

    VIA’s got a new Mini-ITX setup that ought to appeal to HTPC builders, as it features a dedicated GPU capable of handling 1080p video, four distinct video outputs (two HDMI, DVI, and VGA), RCA audio output, and a quiet, cool 1.6GHz VIA Nano processor. Read More

  • Acer Aspire X1200 desktops are tiny but loaded

    Acer recently announced its series of X1200 small form factor desktops. There are three models ranging in price from $450 to $700. The X1200-U1520A and the X1200-U1510A are both available now for $450 and $460, respectively, and the decked-out X1200-B1581A will be available for $700 on Sunday, July 13th. Each model comes with a 64-bit dual-core AMD chip, 4GB of RAM, on-board NVIDIA GeForce… Read More