HTC Shift

Mac OS X Now Running On An HTC Shift Near You

<img src="" />Remember the <a HREF="">HTC Shift</a>? Sort of an earl

Girth-y extended battery for HTC Shift

HTC Shift owners (see our review here) who have a little extra coin and don’t mind adding some relatively substantial girth to their device may find solace in a $240 extended battery from Mugen. Pau

The HTC Shift X9000 is here, finally

The CDMA version (runs on Sprints EV-DO network) of the Shift has finally landed stateside and Amazon has it on sale for $1,500. Check out Laptop’s video review above or get all the gritty detai

Hugo Ortega Spends 60 Hours With The HTC Shift

Hugo Ortega of spent 60 sensuous and romantic hours with the HTC Shift recently and ended up describing the device as “one of the BEST Ultra Mobile PC I have ever had the pleas