The Gameband is the ultimate wrist gaming solution for playing Pong

Ready for some XTREME WRIST GAMING ACTION? Sure you are. But here’s the Gameband, a new smartwatch for gamers that lets you play simple games on a tiny, wrist-mounted screen. Founded by Feargal

HTC’s First Smartwatch To Launch Alongside The One M9 In March

HTC is said to be prepping a smartwatch for debut in March at MWC alongside its new One M9 flagship smartphone. The new smartwatch will tap into Under Armour’s fitness tracking software service,

HTC’s Next One Smartphone Will Be Revealed March 1

HTC is gearing up to launch something new on March 1 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and we’ve heard from a person familiar with the matterĀ that what’s on tap is indeed the next ve

HTC Offering A $299 Unlocked HTC One M8 For Its ‘Hot Deal’ This Week

Ordinarily, I am left cold by deal or sale pitches, but HTC’s new ‘Hot Deal‘ program, whereby it offers bargain basement pricing on items from its stable of devices every week during

HTC Reports Slim $19.7M Profit For Q3 2014 As Its Rebuilding Efforts Continue

Things are better for HTC these days, after the Taiwanese phone company eked out a slim $19.6 million (NT$0.6 billion) profit for the third quarter of 2014. That figure represents a drop on the previo

With Nexus 9, HTC Could Get A Crack At Making An Android Tablet To Get People Excited

HTC is gearing up production of a Nexus 9 tablet device to showcase the Android operating system, a report from the Wall Street Journal claims. The report follows earlier rumors that this would be the

HTC One (M8) Review: The New Best Android Smartphone

There’s a new contender for Android top dog on the market, and it’s the HTC One (M8), the latest from the Taiwanese firm. This metal-clad unibody slab inherits the good looks of its predec

TC Droidcast Episode 24: A Couple Of Mates Talking About The HTC One M8

This week, Chris Velazco joins me, Darrell Etherington, to talk about HTC’s new One (M8) flagship smartphone, which we already like quite a bit. The new device is HTC’s big chance to make

Fitbit Tops 1M Downloads On Android, Now Works With 44 Android And iOS Devices

Fitbit was a key part of HTC’s One (M8) announcement yesterday, as it’s coming preloaded on devices in select markets, to act as the fitness hub of the new Android flagship. But it’s

iFixit Confirms Why The HTC One M8 Ships With A Stellar Warranty

John Biggs said it best yesterday: "<a href="">Come For The Styling, Stay For The Warranty</a>". Perhap

HTC Goes “Blah Blah Blah” In The First HTC One M8 Ad

Frankly, the only way this ad could be more effective is if it were a "let me Google that for you" link. HTC is right here. Dead right. In the first video ad for the new HTC One, Gary Oldman advis

Fitbit Partnership With HTC Gives It A Leg Up In The Fitness Tracking Space

Smartphone manufacturers are increasingly focusing on health and fitness as part of their platform offerings, but HTC didn’t build its own homegrown health tracking solution with the new HTC One

Meet The HTC One ‘M8’, Available Today With Google Play Edition Shipping Soon

HTC has revealed its HTC One (M8) smartphone, the gorgeous, if somewhat inelegantly named Android flagship and successor to last year’s original HTC One, the best-selling phone in HTC’s hi

Watch HTC’s New One Unveiling Live At 11 AM ET

HTC will be showing off their new One smartphone at 11 AM ET in NYC today, but you can also follow along live and see the thing yourself via live streaming video. If you want to check it out as it hap

New HTC One Will Get A Google Play Edition, HTC Itself Confirms Via Play Store App Description

The all new HTC One, which is often referred to as the M8, will have a Google Play Edition as expected, according to new information from an unlikely source ahead of its official unveiling. The Play E

Extended ‘All New HTC One’ Leak Video Shows Brushed Gray Stainless Finish

The HTC One (not the old one, the new one) is being introduced tomorrow at an event in NYC that kicks off at 11 AM ET, but in case you weren’t yet tired of the steady stream of leaks that have r

HTC Is The Honey Badger That Don’t Care

The new HTC One might be the <a href="">most leaked phone</a> in history. <a href="

The All New HTC One Will Be Available Immediately After Its March 25 Unveiling

HTC continues to do an absolutely terrible job of plugging leaks related to its upcoming HTC One flagship smartphone which replaces last year’s HTC One of the same name. Today, we learned the ne

The New HTC One’s Dual Camera Explained: Post-Shot Focus Selection And 3D Image Effects

HTC’s new One smartphone is the worst-kept secret of the season, with leaks in abundance and even official teasers that are being more forward about unannounced product than you might expect. To

TC Droidcast Episode 23: Samsung’s Music Milk Shake, HTC’s One 2 Punch

This week on the TechCrunch Droidcast, I’m joined by Chris Velazco as he shares his recent MWC memories. We also dig into Samsung’s new Milk Music streaming radio service, and the Pebble 2
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