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  • HTC One S Review: I Give It A Fly

    HTC One S Review: I Give It A Fly

    Despite the fact that there’s no real wow factor here, it would be entirely unfair to say that HTC’s One S isn’t a great phone. It is. The hardware is some of the best I’ve seen in a long time, Sense 4 is quite nice albeit a touch heavy for my taste, and the specs are right in line with what we’re seeing on the market today. Truth be told, anyone at T-Mobile would… Read More

  • (Fly or Die) HTC One S

    Fly Or Die: HTC One S

    The One S is the middle child in HTC’s new line of hero devices, not quite as badass as the One X, but a bit bigger than baby brother One V. As is the case with any middle child, it’s a bit easy to overlook. But John and I decided to give it some attention anyway, and like usual, we didn’t find much common ground. Read More