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Did your HTC Hero turn red? This poor guy's did

What the heck? A reader sends in this image of his HTC Hero. It apparently changed color as it began to heat up. Insanity. As I changed from a 1st gen iPhone to an HTC Hero I was very satisfied with i

Sprint pushes OTA bug-fixin' update to HTC Hero

<img src="" alt="sprint-htc-hero" title="sprint-htc-hero" />Sprint has pushed out an over-the-air firmware update for

HTC Hero + Spotify now available at 3 UK website and stores

<img src="" />[UK] Much-hyped digital music service <a href="">Spotify</a> recently announced <a href="http://www.spotify.

The HTC Hero is now available from Sprint, just an FYI

<img src="">Sprint isn't doing itself any favors recently by breaking retail's first rule: Customers are dumb, so don't give the

Rumor: HTC Hero update tomorrow to improve performance, improve camera

<img src="" />It's looking like the latest version HTC Hero firmware will be coming out tomorrow for user in the US. How do we kn

Sprint's HTC Hero to be $180 out the door at Best Buy – no mail-in rebate

<img src="" />Best Buy has our backs. No one likes mail-in rebates and so the retailer is going to sell the <a href="http://www.

CDMA HTC Hero spied without signature chin – Hot or Not?

The HTC Hero is undoubtedly the best looking Android device. Don’t even try to argue with that fact. But the CDMA-variant of the Hero might be radically different. So much, that I’m not su

Rumor: Best Buy to start accepting orders for Sprint's HTC Hero on September 13

Having just recently been spotted riding the FCC approval express, it comes as no surprise that Sprint’s version of HTC’s Hero will soon be on its way to Android-fiending girls and boys ac

HTC updating the Hero, possibly removing some of the slow

SlashGear has been on the HTC Hero case and is reporting that there will be a software update for the Hero in the “coming weeks” which could also be inferred as “the next 10 days.&#8

Review: HTC Hero

There is a fairly standard montage in the canon of bad 80s movies. It involves the protagonist(s) working hard to build/do/invent something to beat the stuck up and dismissive antagonists. See, for ex

Quick Look: HTC Hero

The HTC Hero just landed at my humble office/abode and I’m pleased to report that it is, in fact, all that and a packet of crisps. The phone is slim and sexy with a great UI – one of the b

No HTC Hero UI for you! T-Mobile user!

Looks like the licensing nazi has struck again. The slick “Sense” UI on the coveted HTC Hero is not going to be available as an upgrade for anybody in the US any time soon. That’s ri

The HTC Hero/Sense UI video walk-through

<img src="">Here it is in living color: the <a HREF="

The HTC Hero gets a YouTube demo

Got HTC Hero overload yet? Well, here’s the official demo video of HTC’s latest. Enjoy.

Video of the HTC Hero sliding and slipping

HTC Hero/Sense Event Liveblog

Live from the HTC press event.

Flash comes to Android

Adobe and HTC are bringing Flash to Android on its new Hero smartphone. The implementation will support video and audio codecs familiar to users of Flash on the desktop. The HTC Hero delivers powerful

HTC introduces Sense, the first customized Android installation on its new Hero – UPDATE

The era of Android customization has begun with HTC’s Sense UI, a customized overlay for Android that adds HTC’s stunning graphical interface to the sturdy Android OS. The UI will run on t