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  • Did your HTC Hero turn red? This poor guy's did

    What the heck? A reader sends in this image of his HTC Hero. It apparently changed color as it began to heat up. Insanity. As I changed from a 1st gen iPhone to an HTC Hero I was very satisfied with it. Until it started getting very hot and turned into a redish color as well. While HTC told me to send it in, which I did on March 7, and they will replace the chasis I still dont have it back. As… Read More

  • Sprint pushes OTA bug-fixin' update to HTC Hero

    Sprint has pushed out an over-the-air firmware update for its popular HTC Hero ‘droid handset. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with Android 2.0, but it does purportedly fix a pesky SMS bug which has been causing battery drain issues. Oh, and it also helps your favorite Hero play nice with daylight saving time. But apparently, that’s just about all the update does. Read More

  • HTC Hero + Spotify now available at 3 UK website and stores

    [UK] Much-hyped digital music service Spotify recently announced a deal with carrier 3 UK that would bring its mobile service to 3 customers. Well, that offer is now live, as announced on the Spotify blog minutes ago. Spotify Mobile will initially be available only on the HTC Hero, the first Android handset to launch on 3 UK. To buy, head on over to the webstore or any of 3’s retail stores. Read More

  • The HTC Hero is now available from Sprint, just an FYI

    Sprint isn’t doing itself any favors recently by breaking retail’s first rule: Customers are dumb, so don’t give them choices. But now at Sprint, consumers must decide between the Palm Pre, the BlackBerry Tour, and $179 (after $100 MIR & 2-year agreement) the Android-powered HTC Hero. I mean, they’re making it awful hard on customers these days by offering more than… Read More

  • Rumor: HTC Hero update tomorrow to improve performance, improve camera

    It’s looking like the latest version HTC Hero firmware will be coming out tomorrow for user in the US. How do we know? Well, the company has released an update specific to the nordic countries today, and has warned users in other countries not to use that version, as it’s missing some bits that will be needed. Read More

  • Sprint's HTC Hero to be $180 out the door at Best Buy – no mail-in rebate

    Best Buy has our backs. No one likes mail-in rebates and so the retailer is going to sell the Sprint HTC Hero for $180 out the door with a two-year blood oath. Sprint Stores however will sell it too you for $280 and hand you a $100 MIR. But just like with the Palm Pre, you’re not going to have to deal with those shenanigans at Best Buy Mobile who is also the exclusive retailer to have… Read More

  • CDMA HTC Hero spied without signature chin – Hot or Not?

    The HTC Hero is undoubtedly the best looking Android device. Don’t even try to argue with that fact. But the CDMA-variant of the Hero might be radically different. So much, that I’m not sure if I dig it. Right now the Internet is aflutter with ohs and ahs about the redesigned phone, but I think it looks like a cheap, Chinese redesign. Who knows, maybe it will grow on me. There… Read More

  • Rumor: Best Buy to start accepting orders for Sprint's HTC Hero on September 13

    Having just recently been spotted riding the FCC approval express, it comes as no surprise that Sprint’s version of HTC’s Hero will soon be on its way to Android-fiending girls and boys across these United States. Now, according to Engadget, it sounds like “soon” may be as little as a couple weeks as Best Buy is expected to begin accepting $50 deposits for the… Read More

  • HTC updating the Hero, possibly removing some of the slow

    SlashGear has been on the HTC Hero case and is reporting that there will be a software update for the Hero in the “coming weeks” which could also be inferred as “the next 10 days.” Read More

  • Review: HTC Hero

    There is a fairly standard montage in the canon of bad 80s movies. It involves the protagonist(s) working hard to build/do/invent something to beat the stuck up and dismissive antagonists. See, for example, Summer Rental, a John Candy vehicle in which Candy and crew convert a seafood restaurant that was originally a boat back into a boat in order to win a big, rich boat race against snobs. Read More

  • Quick Look: HTC Hero

    The HTC Hero just landed at my humble office/abode and I’m pleased to report that it is, in fact, all that and a packet of crisps. The phone is slim and sexy with a great UI – one of the best I’ve seen on a smartphone since the phone that starts with ‘i’ and ends with Phone – and it’s quite snappy, a huge improvement over my experience with the G1. Read More

  • No HTC Hero UI for you! T-Mobile user!

    Looks like the licensing nazi has struck again. The slick “Sense” UI on the coveted HTC Hero is not going to be available as an upgrade for anybody in the US any time soon. That’s right, even though my G1 and the MyTouch/Magic are made and developed by HTC, you’ll find it also says Google on the back. Being a Google-branded product apparently precludes the Magic and G1… Read More

  • The HTC Hero/Sense UI video walk-through

    Here it is in living color: the HTC Hero/Sense UI walk-through. This is a real phone running the actual software and we delve into some of the most important features including social media integration and the browser experience. The most interesting thing is that all of the contact/Facebook/Twitter interaction is automatic. You import your login info and it just shows up without fuss or muss. Read More

  • The HTC Hero gets a YouTube demo

    Got HTC Hero overload yet? Well, here’s the official demo video of HTC’s latest. Enjoy. Read More

  • HTC Hero/Sense Event Liveblog

    Live from the HTC press event. Read More

  • Flash comes to Android

    Adobe and HTC are bringing Flash to Android on its new Hero smartphone. The implementation will support video and audio codecs familiar to users of Flash on the desktop. The HTC Hero delivers powerful, compatible video playback performance using Flash technology, and interactive content enabled by ActionScript® 2.0. Users can enjoy and navigate through Web videos using intuitive video controls. Read More

  • HTC introduces Sense, the first customized Android installation on its new Hero – UPDATE

    The era of Android customization has begun with HTC’s Sense UI, a customized overlay for Android that adds HTC’s stunning graphical interface to the sturdy Android OS. The UI will run on the new Hero, a 3.2-inch touchscreen phone running at 528MHz with MicroSD slot. More specs on the phone: With its 3.2-inch HVGA display, the HTC Hero is optimized for Web, multimedia and other… Read More