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  • Best Buy Slashes The 7-inch HTC Flyer Android Tablet Down To $99 UPDATE

    Best Buy Slashes The 7-inch HTC Flyer Android Tablet Down To $99 UPDATE

    Oh my. Tablet prices are in a free fall. The HTC Flyer is only $99 at Best Buy right now. The price seems isolated to Best Buy right now so it’s likely the price drop is not from HTC but rather Best Buy. The website is sold out but your local stores still might have some. You know what to do: drop everything and head down to your Best Buy. This is an awesome deal and hopefully a sign… Read More

  • Buy An HTC Flyer From Best Buy, Get The $80 Stylus For Free

    The most novel part of the HTC Flyer is the Scribe Digital Pen. But HTC doesn’t bundle the pen with the Android 2.3 tablet. Why? The company clearly wants the tablet to fail. Instead, the stylus costs an additional $80. It seems that Best Buy is ready to right HTC’s wrong by selling the two together. NetbookNews found the bundle (SKU 9999159200050028) but it’s sort of… Read More

  • HTC Flyer's Stylus Will Run You $80

    Oh dear, this isn’t good. HTC’s Flyer tablet, which we saw in Barcelona at MWC, has set itself apart with its unique (among today’s tablets) pen input. Of course, it’s not a resistive screen and the stylus isn’t just a pointer — it’s a separate piece of electronics, like those used on Wacom tablets, and according to Best Buy, it’s going to run… Read More

  • HTC Flyer Landing In European Markets On May 9th

    HTC has been rather coy about the Flyer’s release date so far but the company just revealed that it’s scheduled for a May 9th arrival. Now if it’s packing Honeycomb like it’s Stateside Sprint counterpart, the HTC EVO VIEW 4G, is about the only thing left unanswered. Read More

  • The Sprint HTC EVO VIEW 4G To Run The Sweet And Tasty Honeycomb At Launch

    Good news for the dozen people waiting for the Sprint-branded HTC Flyer. Your tablet of choice is reportedly hitting with Honeycomb pre-loaded. See? That’s good news. I wasn’t lying. Read More

  • The Official HTC Flyer Video Shows Why This Upcoming Tablet Doesn't Need Honeycomb

    The HTC Flyer, or the Sprint Evo View 4G here in the states, is the firm’s first tablet and as the offiical demo video embedded here shows, it does things a bit differently than other Android tablets. The Flyer is a curated experience thanks to the tablet-ifed version of HTC Sense. Just watch the video and count the amont of 3rd party apps demonstrated in the 6 minute video. Read More

  • The HTC Flyer Is Now Available In The US… But Through An Expensive Importer

    The HTC Flyer tablet debuted at MWC 2011 last month. It’s arguably “just another tablet” a tablet version of HTC Sense running on top of Android 2.2. No matter, the tablet is already on European shelves leaving stateside buyers feeling the regional release shaft. But there’s an option if you simply must own HTC’s first-gen tablet. Just a warning though, owning… Read More

  • HTC Flyer Gets €669 Price On

    The Flyer, HTC’s first Android tablet, was just announced yesterday, sans price and release date as usual. But the German Amazon seems to have gotten wind of at least the pricing in that country: €669, for a 3G version. That translates to over $900 in the US raw, but minus VAT (~€130) it’s around $730 — a bit much for a 7-inch tablet that won’t ship with… Read More

  • Gallery: HTC Flyer

    We’ve already got a little real-life video with HTC’s Flyer tablet, but the throng was too great yesterday to take any decent pictures. So the first thing I did this morning was drop by the HTC booth and get a few clean shots. I wasn’t watching my aperture so they turned out a little artsy. And that five-bokeh is a bit rough, isn’t it? I need a new lens. That’s… Read More

  • HTC Flyer Specs: Sense UI, HSPA, Dual Cameras

    HTC’s upcoming tablets hve been peeking out from various non-official sources over the last few weeks, starting with a trademark request, then a few supplier leaks. And now someone has leaked what they claim is more or less the full spec sheet for the 7″ device. Read More