HTC Desire

HTC Slashes The Price Of Its Action Camera

HTC cut the price of the Re camera to just $50 from $200, making it one of the least expensive action cameras on the market. It’s a capable little camera with decent image quality. Yet it’

The OnePlus 2 Returns With Another Indie Phone Powerhouse

If you’ve been out of the Android game for a while you’d be hard-pressed to understand why people love OnePlus so much. These phones, conceived by the folks who initially launched Oppo, ar

HTC Unveils Four New Desire Smartphones

HTC has announcedĀ four new HTC Desire smartphones, including the HTC Desire 520, Desire 526, Desire 626, and Desire 626s. All four phones will be LTE-capable, contain Quad-core Snapdragon processors,

HTC Desire headed for AT&T, Sprint picks up Legend (as Hero2)?

HTC seemed pretty confident that the HTC Desire and HTC Legend weren’t US-bound when we talked to them at Mobile World Congress. But hey, things change — right? Boy Genius Report has just

Hackers hack goodies from the HTC Desire over to the Nexus One in no time flat

<img src="" /> Back when we first got word that the HTC Desire was essentially a slightly upgraded Nexus One with a bit of custom

The Android Who Cried Wolf

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-159401" title="Screen shot 2010-02-16 at 12.31.07 PM" src="" alt="" w

Hands-on with the HTC Desire (with video)

Considering just how similar the new HTC Desire is to the not-quite-as-new Google Nexus One (read: very, very similar), I wasn’t expecting to walk away from my hands on session with my mind too

Video: HTC Legend, Desire, and HD mini promo spots (Update: More videos!)

We’re not sure when HTC plans to make these videos available through their own channels, but we just got a trio of videos showing off the three handsets they just announced at Mobile World Congr

HTC announces the Nexus One's slightly cooler twin, the Desire

What’s in a name? Would a Nexus One by any other name still be as sweet? Yep. In fact, it might just be a bit sweeter. Though it lacks almost any indication as such, Google’s Nexus One is

Details and official pics of the HTC Desire, Legend, and HD Mini leaked

Man! Mobile World Congress is all about the last-minute leaks this year. First, a tiny glimpse of Windows Phone leaked out just hours before it became official. Now, three brand-spankin’ new han

HTC Desire gets FCC and Wi-Fi Alliance approval – Verizon bound?

Uh oh! Looks like the Motorola Sholes isn’t the only Android-totin’ kid hanging around on Verizon’s block. According to BGR, Verizon’s cracking away at an HTC-made Android hand

Rumor: HTC Desire 6200 to be Verizon's next Google device?

Hold on tight kids, there’s another Google-powered HTC phone coming. Looking at the screen shot, it’s going to be called the HTC Desire 6200, and it’ll be specifically listed as a Go