HP Berlin 08

HP to ship Turion X2 (Puma)-based laptops

Along with the “b”- and “s”-series laptops, HP announced a handful of Pavilion laptops and a Compaq Presario notebook that will ship with the recently announced Puma chipset fr

HP's cavalcade of laptops part 1

There were a total of 17 laptops announced by HP and there’s no way I’d post about them individually. The biggest news were the EliteBook and Voodoo Envy, which I covered yesterday. Today,

HP EliteBook packs Blu-ray, magnesium alloy cover

The HP EliteBook was just demoed and some German TV personality just attacked the cover with steel wool. Guess that magnesium alloy cover really works. The 14.1-inch (WXGA) screen laptop weighs in at

HP's TouchSmart all-in-one PC [Update 3: More video]


HP unveils Voodoo Envy 133 notebook, Omen desktop [Updated with video]


Hands-on with the HP iPAQ 910c or 914

Why anyone would hold an event during the same week as WWDC is beyond me, but I find myself in Berlin, Germany at HP’s Connecting Your World media summit. I just arrived a few hours ago after a