• NSA Surveillance Faces Senate Test

    NSA Surveillance Faces Senate Test

    The United States Senate could vote on the USA FREEDOM Act as soon as next week, pushing the surveillance reform bill ahead this year. That would buck prior conventional wisdom that the Act was not a legislative priority, likely ending up shelved until the next Congress. There is still some fight in this Congress after all. Read More

  • Want To Pitch A VC While He Cleans Your House? Exec And Shervin Pishevar Thought So

    Want To Pitch A VC While He Cleans Your House? Exec And Shervin Pishevar Thought So

    Exec, which is a service focused on San Francisco professionals, does all types of tasks for you at pretty decent rates. I’ve used the service to have papers scanned and faxed in the past, and it was always quite super. Recently, the company launched a new cleaning service, for those of you that are busy and don’t have time to clean up after yourself. You know, because… Read More

  • Solar energy and lithium-ion batteries: Sanyo now builds "green" homes in Japan

    Sanyo is already being considered Japan’s “greenest” brand in the consumer electronics field (which is the main reason Panasonic is about to acquire the company), but them building complete, eco-friendly buildings is certainly new. Sanyo Homes [JP], a wholly-owned subsidiary, will start marketing all-electric homes with lithium ion batteries providing back up power to… Read More

  • How much to tour Bill Gates' house? About $35k

    Microsoft (and particularly Bill Gates) is well known for it’s philanthropic work, including a charity auction conducted each fall. One of the most popular items donated is a tour of the Bill’s famous Lake Washington home. Last year, the highest bid was $8,600. This year, the bidding skyrocketed up to $35,000! Read More

  • Ecobee thermostat has a Wi-Fi connection

    Here’s a way to control the temperature in your house from far, far away. The Ecobee “Smart Thermostat” has all the stuff you’d expect with a standard digital thermostat and adds a pretty nice-looking touchscreen interface and – gasp! – a wireless connection, allowing you to log in and control it via the web. It’s not super-duper expensive either, at $385. Read More

  • Trap door pool table is a good weekend project

    Finally, a solution to the whole “I wish I had a pool table” problem for those of us living in cramped city apartments. All I’ve needed to do this whole time was cut a big four foot deep rectangular hole in my living room floor and add a hydraulic lift mechanism. I’ll just swing by the Home Depot tomorrow and pick up the supplies. In all seriousness, this looks like… Read More

  • Eli Manning’s automagical condo

    Say hey, that’s New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, also known as my new fantasy football quarterback since about halfway in to the first quarter of the Patriots-Chiefs game when Tom Brady’s leg exploded along with my dreams of a good season. Anyway, Electronic House has an interesting piece on Eli’s New Jersey condo. It’s apparently an exercise in automated… Read More

  • Star Wars: Chancellor Palpatine-themed home theater

    Ah, nothing like unwinding at the end of the day by watching some TV in your home theater while looking out your windows at the sun setting over the beautiful Coruscant skyline. That’s what Steve Simon gets to do in part of his garage, which has been remodeled into a home theater resembling Chancellor Palpatine’s office from Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith. Read More

  • Vinyl wall decals are a nightmare for those of us with Tetris-induced obsessive-compulsive disorder

    I’d like to think I’m pretty easygoing most of the time but when it comes to Tetris, something inside me goes haywire about trying to make sure all the blocks fit together perfectly. As such, I’m probably just a candidate for regular wall tiles because they’re arranged in what I’d consider to be the perfect Tetris conglomeration. However, if you can stand looking… Read More

  • Who Needs Keys? SmartScan Biometric Scanning Opens Doors to Our Future

    Keys are so 20th century. Who has the time to reach into their pocket, choose the correct key, put it in the keyhole, turn the key and push the door open? I sure as hell don’t. That’s why, if I owned a house, I’d look at Kwikset’s SmartScan biometric scanning door opening solution. (Everything’s a solution these days.) With the mere swipe of your finger, the… Read More

  • M-Audio Torq Mixlab Revisited

    You may recall awhile back I reviewed M-Audio’s Torq Mixlab setup for DJs. I love it and think it’s great software, but I only spent so much initial time using it then took a break. This past week, I’ve been playing with it for hours on end and have started to really get mixing well down again. To showcase how well Torq Mixlab works, I’ve made a decent 45-minute… Read More