A new HourTime episode, straight from JCK in Vegas

http://www.mevio.com/widgets/mwm/MevioWM.swf Warning: Podcast includes extreme watch nerdery.

New HourTime podcast

http://www.mevio.com/widgets/mwm/MevioWM.swf We discuss Bell & Ross, Eterna’s sell out, and COSC certification. Hopefully our levels are spot on today.

New HourTime Podcast for you and yours

http://ui.mevio.com/widgets/mwm/MevioWM.swf?r=35954 Don’t forget: We’re going to be trying something brand new on Friday – a 30 minute show called the HourTime Help Desk. But we need yo

Another Hourtime Episode

http://ui.mevio.com/widgets/mwm/MevioWM.swf?r=35870 In this episode we talk about watch repair tips and some classic watch legends. Enjoy!

Hourtime Episode 14 – Xetum, UBoat, and More

 http://ui.mevio.com/widgets/mwm/MevioWM.swf?r=35832 In this episode the boys talk about watch collecting and the magic of eBay. We also visit with Xetum watches and UBoat and talk about Navy Seal wa

Hourtime Episode 13 – Pet Peeves

http://ui.mevio.com/widgets/mwm/MevioWM.swf?r=35745 Subscribe in iTunes MP3 Download

New Hourtime Episode: The magic of the Chinese Tourbillon (plus a contest)

http://www.mevio.com/widgets/mwm/MevioWM.swf Listen in to learn how to win a great Vancouver Olympics Swatch chrono.

New Hourtime episode

http://ui.mevio.com/widgets/mwm/MevioWM.swf?r=35629 Please! Friend! Enjoy a new Hourtime episode before the madness that is the tablet launch.

New HourTime Episode: Enjoy Now!

http://ui.mevio.com/widgets/mwm/MevioWM.swf?r=35302 A new HourTime watch podcast for your edification. Admit it. You really like it. Right? Guys? Right?

Hourtime Podcast: The Lair of the White Watch

http://ui.mevio.com/widgets/mwm/MevioWM.swf?r=35283 Here’s another red-hot watch podcast for all you watch fans out there. Happy Holidays and enjoy.

HourTime Episode 7: Watches for the Holidays

http://www.mevio.com/widgets/mwm/MevioWM.swf I hope you guys are enjoying this podcast. We have a blast putting it together and this episode we talk about some great watches for you and yours along wi

HourTime Podcast… plus a contest

http://www.mevio.com/widgets/mwm/MevioWM.swf Here’s the latest HourTime podcast, my little side project with Ariel Adams. Note, there’s a special surprise near the middle of the show so ta