Hour One

Pitch Deck Teardown: Hour One’s $20M Series A deck

Hour One used this deck to raise a $20 million Series A in April of this year.

Here’s why we’re about to see an explosion of hyperreal artificial humans online

Synthetically generated versions of real people that can be can be programmed to say anything sounds like a scenario from the latest episode of “Black Mirror.” But in fact, production-grad

Look out language teachers, a synthetic human could be about to take your job

Hour One, a startup that allows businesses to create ‘photoreal’ presenters that can speak pre-set any text or any language in a highly realistic manner, has signed a deal with Berlitz. The langua

Hour One raises $5M Seed to generate AI-driven synthetic characters from real humans

All of the people pictured above are real, but what you are seeing are synthetically generated versions of their real selves. And they can be programmed to say anything. Tech futurists have long warne