Karma’s next device is a Wi-Fi hotspot with built in Tor and a VPN

Wi-Fi hotspot maker Karma Mobility will this fall unveil a specialized version of its KarmaGo hotspot device that includes built-in security features, including support for private anonymous browsing

Hofstra bans private Wi-Fi, charges $200 for network connectivity during debate

In an exciting bit of pre-debate frisson, journalists covering the presidential debate at Hofstra University are now Tweet they have to pay $200 for Wi-Fi access on site and, more importantly, the one

Gear to keep you charged and connected at conferences

Editor’s note: This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter, a buyer’s guide to the best technology. This is a condensed version of several Wirecutter guides; you can find links to the fu

NYC Continues Its Great Phonebooth Transformation As First Tablets Hit Its Gigabit Wi-Fi Spots

The plan to turn unused NYC phonebooths into free digital hubs for local neighborhoods continues as Mayor Bill DeBlasio announced the second phase of the city’s LinkNYC program — with th

Karma’s Mobile Hotspot Adds “Neverstop,” A $50 Per Month Unlimited Data Plan

Karma, the makers of the pay-as-you-go LTE mobile hotspot that began shipping earlier this summer, announced today a new type of data plan meant to appeal to those who more regularly use their device.

The FiiV Case Straps A Hotspot And Battery To Your iPad

If you pick up a Wi-Fi iPad only to then find out you need wireless on the go all the time, your options for getting it access aren't ideal. You either activate the hotspot feature on your phone, wast

Sprint Asks If Two Useless Things Can Become One Useful One With The LivePro Projector Hotspot

Sprint is taking two devices with questionable utility and mashing them together to create a hybrid pocket projector/mobile hotspot that might actually succeed at making an actual Voltron out of piece

AT&T And Boingo Team Up To Offer 1GB Of Monthly Wi-Fi Free At Hotspots In Reciprocal Deal

Boingo has just announced via a press release that through a partnership with AT&T, it will now offers AT&T subscribers access to its hotspots at international airports beginning today, with s

Karma Launches Its $79 4G Mobile Hotspot And Pay-As-You-Go Data Plan That Reward Users For Sharing Their Bandwidth

The founders behind <a target="_blank" href="">Karma</a> (no, not <a href=""><em>that</em> Karma</a>) think that the

Wi-Fi Hotspot App Connectify Gets New Funding From IQT – The Firm That Finds New Tech For CIA

Remember <a href="">Connectify</a>? The downloadable software <a href="">that turns PC

Eye-Fi releases bigger, stronger WiFi cards: Connect, Explore, and Pro X2 line

<img src="">While the Eye-Fi Pro X2 - an 8GB <a HREF="">Eye-Fi</a> card with RAW sup

iPhone 3.0 handles hotspot log-ins gracefully, with aplomb

<img src="" />Reader Andrew noticed an interesting happenstance when he stopped by his local coffee shop with his 3.0 enabled

You are your own Wi-Fi hotspot

Today, TapRoot Systems announced that you will soon be able to use your 3G Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device as a hotpsot. The WalkingHotSpot software will initially be available only on Windows Mobile and

Wi-Fi sharing app for S60 surfaces

[photopress:TMobile_HotSpot.jpg,full,center] We’ve heard of tools like this for Windows Mobile, in fact we used one to liveblog the Bill Gates keynote at CES, but this is the first time a Wi-Fi

The rich get richer: Free iPhone/iPod Touch hotspots

As if specific web sites for iPhone and iPod Touch users weren’t enough, JiWire has announced free Wi-Fi access from over 100,000 locations available only to the aforementioned iPhone and iPod T

Secret FCC documents reveal Blackberry 8120 to support 802.11b/g

Some savvy document-jockeys have uncovered evidence that the Blackberry 8120 (GSM/EDGE cousin to the shiny new 8130) will be sharing many of the updates its 3G relative enjoys. Among those are GPS, st

Fon, BT create world's largest Wi-Fi network

Did anyone else get a free FON router a few months back? I did and it’s a piece of turd. Mine was constantly cutting in and out and the router started warping from the heat. I think it’s a dumb id

Pogue on HotSpot@Home: It's Cool

I’ve been using T-Mobile’s HotSpot@Home from Poland this week and I can honestly say that the service is a lifesaver if you’re a frequent pond-hopper. David Pogue tends to agree, say

T-Mobile Hotspot@Home Video

This is the official Hotspot@Home video from T-Mobile for use on television stations around the world. It’s kind of dopey, but there are some good shots of the gear in here so I figured you all

Free WiFi for PSP Owners

Though not everyone is enthusiastic about a new firmware patch for the PSP (homebrewers), this update is worth jumping up and down for. Sony and T-Mobile have partnered to offer six months of free WiF
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