• HotPrints Launches Totally Free Photo-Book Printing

    Early this year we were introduced to HotPrints, a startup that lets you print out color photo books at a very low price. Where other photobook printing services cost around $20-$30, HotPrints sells its books for a mere $2.99 plus $0.75 shipping to the United States. Given the low price it’s little surprise that the service has started to get some significant traction, with over… Read More

  • $2.99 Printed PhotoBooks Now Available On Facebook: HotPrints

    Anyone who has turned digital photos into a printed photo book via Apple iPhoto or any of a variety of competitors knows how great they are. They make a perfect gift, if you can afford the $20 – $30 they generally cost to create, plus shipping. Enter UK-based HotPrints, which I was introduced to at the DLD conference in Munich earlier this week. The company is using new printing… Read More