• No More Project Octopus — A Corporate Dropbox Gets A Corporate Name

    No More Project Octopus — A Corporate Dropbox Gets A Corporate Name

    Last year at VMworld, there was this news story from VMware that was so refreshing. It concerned a new effort called Project Octopus. It had all the markings of a modern service — the kind so rare in enterprise circles. Even the name sounded cool. Today Project Octopus is now Horizon Data – a service that is being called a corporate Dropbox. And fittingly, it has a corporate name. Read More

  • Horizon shipping their cheap fuel cell

    Now this is good news – provided there isn’t a fuel cell hydrogen spill somewhere off the coast of Nova Scotia tomorrow. Horizon has been promising their liquid fuel cell for years but now they’re actually selling them. It costs $100, comes with two fuel cartridges, and offers as much power as “1,000 AA batteries,” allowing you to charge almost anything using… Read More

  • Hands on with Horizon fuel cells

    Ready to power your iPod with clean, delicious hydrogen? I got a chance to see Horizon fuel cell technologies up close yesterday and I’m pleased to report that soon we all will be using our pent up atoms to power iPods, toy cars, and unmanned assault vehicles. Most of the cells are fairly bulky but they showed a small cell using a hydrogen canister the size of a AA battery that they… Read More