• Hori Announces Steering Wheel Peripheral For Mario Kart On 3DS

    Hori Announces Steering Wheel Peripheral For Mario Kart On 3DS

    There is a very special peripheral for future owners of Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS coming soon, but it’s not made by Nintendo itself: video game accessory maker Hori announced a steering wheel that’s specifically designed for the game and that’s officially licensed by big N. The device will feature large L and R buttons for better control. Read More

  • PS3 goes portable (kind of) with Hori's LCD screen dock

    This is something gadget modder Ben Heck might have thought about, but if yes, Japanese game peripheral maker HORI (which also sells stuff in the US) was faster this time. The company today announced [JP] a portable LCD screen, which, once attached to the top of a PS3 Slim, makes the console (somewhat) portable. Read More

  • First Street Fighter IV sales numbers, live streams all over the place

    It goes without saying that most of us here at CG are looking forward to Street Fighter IV‘s release tomorrow. The game has been available for a few days in Japan, and rough first-day sales numbers have trickled out. Between the two versions, Capcom has sold (remember, this is only for one day) 116,000 copies of the game. There’s reports that stores there are having trouble keeping… Read More

  • Hori's Classic Controller for the Wii looks an awful lot like a GameCube controller

    Hori, the third-party video game accessory maker, will release its Wii Classic Controller on November 27. It resembles the old GameCube controller in size and shape, but the button layout mimics that of other Wii classic controllers, like that Nyko one. Those crazy switches in the middle control autofire, a relic of systems past. The $30 controller should work well with all those Virtual… Read More