• Apple Said To Be Bringing Transit Directions To iOS 9

    Apple Said To Be Bringing Transit Directions To iOS 9

    Apple is said to be planning to bring built-in transit directions to its native Maps app in iOS 9. Transit directions were left out when Apple replaced Google Maps with its own offering as the default navigation app in iOS 6 back in 2012. The native transit directions offering is actually a feature that was held over from an intended release last year with iOS 8, according to 9to5Mac… Read More

  • HopStop Launches Crowd-Sourced Transit Alerts Through HopStop Live!

    HopStop Launches Crowd-Sourced Transit Alerts Through HopStop Live!

    HopStop, the location services app that helps you navigate the wacky world of public transportation, has today unveiled its biggest product launch ever, with the release of HopStop Live! The service is integrated with HopStop’s default iPhone app, as well as having its own standalone app called “Live!” The apps let users crowd-source information in real-time about delays… Read More

  • Six Really Useful Apps For NYC

    Six Really Useful Apps For NYC

    Like everyone else in New York, I tend to have strong opinions on what places my friends (and foes) should or should not frequent while in NYC. While I don’t claim to know everything about this city and what treasures, I’ve learned a thing or two about differentiating the good from the awesome and bad over the last 6+ years. A recent influx of friendly faces from San Francisco… Read More

  • Hopstop Jumps Onto iPhone App Bandwagon That Is Driven By Google Maps

    Transit planner HopStop launched its free iPhone application last week to rival the mobile version of Google Map’s Transit option. The application, with support from iPhone’s GPS functionality, offers all the same services as the website. This includes trip customization, maps marked with nearby subways and bus stops, a taxi mode that estimates time and cost of travel and… Read More

  • Plan Your Public Transit Route with HopStop

    Google may be environmentally conscious, but they certainly not helping the rest of us get around any greener. Currently, Google’s public transit mapper, Google Transit, only deals with bastions of public transit like Orange County and Duluth Minnesota, leaving those of us in San Francisco, New York and just about everywhere else squinting at bus maps. Transit planner HopStop, however… Read More