Hopper expands its price prediction technology to hotels, initially in NYC

Hopper, a top-ranked travel app that helps you figure out the best time to fly to save money, is today expanding its price prediction service to hotels. The company claims its price tracking technolog

Hopper debuts ‘Flex Watch,’ a personalized flight deal finder for flexible travel dates

Hopper, the intelligent travel app that has made finding affordable flights a lot easier, is today rolling out a new feature called Flex Watch, which will send you recommendations about flight deals

Travel app Hopper will now break down airlines’ confusing fees

In an attempt to better compete with low-cost airlines, major air carriers like American Airlines, Delta and United have been rolling out “basic” economy fares – no-frills fares tha

Hopper raises $61 million more for its airfare prediction app

Airfare prediction app Hopper has grown from 1 million downloads to over 10 million in the course of a year – a trajectory that’s allowed it to pull in $82 million CAD (~$61.2 million US)

YouTube is now available on your Dish DVR

YouTube, everyone’s favorite source for Adele lyric videos and ASMR-inducing paper crinkles, is joining Netflix and other on-demand services on the Dish Hopper 3 DVR. The service will appear on

Hopper’s travel app helps you pick the best dates, airports to save more money on your trip

Fresh off its $16 million funding round from earlier this spring, popular airfare prediction app Hopper is moving beyond simply helping travelers figure out when to fly in order to snag the best deal.

Apps for planning your vacation

It’s 4th of July weekend, and if you’re not off traveling somewhere, hopefully you’re taking a summer trip soon. From Kayak to TripAdvisor, there are plenty of apps that want to help you maximiz

Dish ships the HopperGo, a tiny little cloud player for TV on the run

Originally announced at CES in January, the minuscule HopperGo is a 64GB USB drive with a built in wireless access point. The little device connects to your Dish Hopper 3 or Hopper 2 – essential

When innovating stops making sense

If you listened carefully to business news last week you could hear the sound of a giant tree falling in a quiet forest. It happened when Rovi bought TiVo for $1.1 billion. It was a merger of convenie

Hopper raises $16 million for a travel app that tells you the best time to fly

Hopper, the makers of a handy travel application that tells you the best time to fly in order to find the best deals, has now raised additional capital to continue to grow its business. It has also s

Cheap Airfare Finder Hopper Hits Android, Now Books Tickets With Just A Few Taps

Hopper, a travel application launched earlier this year with the goal of helping you pay less for airfare by telling you the best time to buy tickets, is out today with a new version that will actuall

Hopper’s New Travel App Tells You The Best Time To Fly

A mobile application called Hopper, out today on iTunes, is using data and analysis from "billions" of flight prices in order to tell travelers when they should fly and buy tickets. The company claims

Why Travel Startup Hopper, Founded in 2007, Took So Long To “Launch”

Hopper CEO Frederic Lalonde is bemused by the coverage of his travel startup’s “launch,” which supposedly took place this past week, according to various news stories. The company,

What’s All The Fuss About? Up Close With The Dish Hopper With Slingbox, The Device That Caused CNET To Implode

About a month ago, if you'll remember, the very fabric of the Internet journalism game was rent asunder when <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2013/01/14/whats-next-for-cnet-after-the-dish-debacle/

CES Awards The DISH Hopper “Best Of CES” After All, Drops CNET As Awards Partner

CES today issued a press release announcing that DISH's Hopper with Sling technology built-in is the "Best of Show" after all, an honor it will share with existing winner the Razer Edge for the 2013 s

Founded By Former Expedia Engineers, Stealthy Travel Startup Hopper Closes $12 Million Series B

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.hopper.com/">Hopper</a>, a stealthy consumer-facing travel startup in development for nearly five years so far, has closed on a $12 million Series B round of fundin

Former Expedia Employees Raise $8 Million For Travel Search Startup Hopper

<a href="http://www.hopper.travel/about.html">Hopper</a>, a Montreal, Canada-based startup, has raised <a href="http://www.crunchbase.com/company/hopper">$8 million</a> in fresh funding from <a href="