• Honeycomb 3.1 Confirmed By… Adobe

    While I think we all knew, deep down inside, that at some point there would be an Android 3.1, it hasn’t actually been mentioned by anyone except as a potential future upgrade. But Adobe let the cat out of the bag today with an update to Flash: the changelog to 10.2 includes a few features with “(requires Android 3.1)” on the end – or at least, it did until they fixed it. Read More

  • Human Interface Guidelines Updated for Android Honeycomb

    The Human Interface Guidelines for Android I posted about earlier this month generated considerable interest. The folks behind it, Mutual Mobile, received a lot of feedback. The most common request was for more information and guidance about designing for Android 3.0, aka Honeycomb. Mutual Mobile has wasted no time in responding to these requests, and are today releasing version 1.1 of… Read More

  • Sony To Release Its S1 And S2 Honeycomb Tablets "This Fall" (Plus First Trailer)

    Sony finally jumped onto the Android tablet bandwagon today by announcing the S1 and S2 during a press conference in Tokyo. When Devin covered the announcement earlier today, Sony remained mum regarding details such as price and availability. While even the best-informed Japanese media couldn’t squeeze any price information out of anyone working for big S (I checked everywhere), the… Read More

  • Review: The T-Mobile G-Slate

    The Honeycomb slate market is getting crowded. With new devices launching every day and current models getting incremental updates that put them on parity with just about anything else out there, manufacturers gotta have a gimmick. Like Power Rangers or Reservoir Dogs, Honeycomb tablet manufacturers must depend on one or two defining characteristics to convince a restless consumer base to pick… Read More

  • Intel-Based Honeycomb Tablets On The Way This Fall?

    Despite the fact that all the major players in the tablet business are using non-Intel hardware, the semiconductor giant isn’t about to give up. They got a black eye from ARM in this first bout, but according to Digitimes, they’re ready for round 2. Read More

  • T-Mobile G-Slate Gets Early Availability On eBay

    If you get on T-Mobile’s site to try and order a G-Slate, you’ll end up staring at a big coming soon sign. But on eBay it’s a different story. The 8.9-inch Honeycomb tablet isn’t expected to launch for another two weeks but one eBay user is claiming the G-Slate is on hand and ready to ship. Read More

  • Acer Iconia Tab A500 Features Honeycomb, 1GHz Processor, $450 Price

    Another day, another Honeycomb tablet. This one comes to us courtesy of Acer and looks nearly identical to its European cousin, the Acer-made Packard Bell Liberty Tab. The Iconia costs an acceptable $449.99 complete with 16GB memory and a microSD card reader. The 10.1-inch tablet runs Honeycomb out of the box and can display 1280×800 video thanks to a 1GHz Tegra 250 processor. The Iconia… Read More

  • Everyone's To Blame For The Xoom's Low Sales Numbers

    Here’s a fun tidbit for you: I really like the Motorola Xoom. The web browsing is fantastic, email is great, the notification bar is tops and, well, Verizon’s service rocks. It’s tad pricey but in my mind it’s still a great tablet. Is it better than an iPad? Well, not really, but it scores major bonus points for advancing the user experience of a tablet thanks to… Read More

  • Report: Sony Android 3.0 Tablet To Hit The US This Summer (And Sony Kind Of Confirms It)

    Japan’s biggest business daily The Nikkei reported some vague news today about a new tablet Sony is supposedly planning. According to the article (which has now been deleted on the newspaper’s Japanese website), Sony CEO Howard Stringer has said that his company is ready to launch an Android 3.0 tablet “this summer”. Read More

  • Let The Honeyclones Begin: The Pioneer DreamBook ePad H10 HD

    Right off the bat, let’s just make something clear: this isn’t from Pioneer, makers of quality audio devies. No, this is a tablet by Pioneer Computers, a major Australian laptop maker that makes a whole line of Android tablets — but this ePad H10 HD (catchy) is their first Honeycomb device. Read More

  • Analyst: Non-iPad Tablets Will Be Collecting Dust On Store Shelves

    The immense popularity of the iPad, and now the iPad 2, has Apple’s competitors, in the words of Steve Jobs, flummoxed. What to do? According to a J.P. Morgan Research analyst, it may well be that all of these competitor tablets will be sitting on the store shelves as folks decide en masse that the iPad is the way to go. In other words, competitors try to convince people that their tablet… Read More

  • Xoom Shows Its Mod-Friendliness With ClockworkMod Install

    It was only just released, but the Motorola Xoom has already been made moddable by Seattle hacker @koush, who installed his ClockworkMod Recovery ROM manager on the device with no problems. Kind of a 180 after all that hullaballoo about the Droid series having highly protected bootloaders. Read More

  • Honeycomb Ported To The Nexus One

    This one is only for die-hard modders that only use a Nexus One for shits and giggles. But if that’s you, how about installing Honeycomb on your Nexus One? Of course you sort of need to know how to install these sort of things, but you’ll certinally be the coolest kid on the block if your Nexus One runs Honeycomb. Sure, this port doesn’t allow for silly things like placing… Read More

  • Dell Streak Tries Out Android 3.0 Honeycomb

    The Dell Streak was once rather long in the tooth when it seemed to have Android 1.6 forever. While the Streak is made up of some pretty good pieces, it tried to cover too much ground as both a phone and a tablet (5-inches is above the cutoff). Sadly, even with a decent price, the Streak never really made much sense, but that didn’t stop some from trying to take it to the next level. Read More

  • Motorola Xoom Will Cost $800 And Require A Data Plan, Says Leaked Best Buy Ad

    When we first saw of the Motorola Xoom at CES, we thought and said good things. How could you go wrong with a dual-core full Honeycomb tablet? Then we heard rumors that Motorola wanted to sell a lot, so that got us thinking that the price would be competitive. Then we started seeing rumors of an $800 price tag, and that made us sad. And now it has been all but confirmed that it will cost $800… Read More

  • Honeycomb Is The First Shot Fired Along Apple's Bow

    Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb means Google is now officially at war with Apple. The lines are drawn. The sides chosen. This is going to get nasty, but there doesn’t have to be a clear winner for consumers to win. The Apple iPad stood alone in 2010 while Google was finalizing Android for the slate form factor. If this were a race, the iPad would be miles ahead while Android was still… Read More

  • Here's What Pulse Will Look Like On Android Honeycomb

    Today, during their Android Honeycomb unveiling event, Google took a little bit of time on stage to mention one app: Pulse. The social news reading app began as an iPad project, but has since found a comfortable home on a wider range of devices, including Android devices. And now they’re ready to fully embrace Android tablets with Honeycomb. Co-founder Akshay Kothari notes that… Read More

  • Android 3.0 Running (Poorly) On Nook Color

    Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) just recently got its first SDK release, and it looks like the enterprising hackers in the Android community have already ported it to the Nook Color hardware. Well, partially. It’s a “zombie” made by mixing the SDK with the Nook’s kernel, and it runs like a dog. Getting hardware acceleration (a major part of the UI snappiness in Honeycomb)… Read More

  • War Maneuvers: Android Event Will Battle iPad Event For Press Love On February 2

    I love asking companies if the timing of events is on purpose or purely coincidental. Not only do they almost always say that it’s purely coincidental, but they often try to claim that didn’t even realize a rival was also doing something when they made their plans. Sure. Next week will feature another such situation. Earlier this week, News Corp. and Apple sent out press invites for… Read More

  • Google To Give A Better Taste Of Honeycomb Next Week At Press Event And On YouTube

    Google To Give A Better Taste Of Honeycomb Next Week At Press Event And On YouTube

    About an hour ago, Ina Fried over at Mobilized posted that Google would be hosting an event next week to show off the latest version of Android, codenamed “Honeycomb” a bit more. Sure enough, an invite has just landed in our inbox. The invite reads: Read More