• 2017 Chevy Volt named Northwest Green Vehicle of the Year

    2017 Chevy Volt named Northwest Green Vehicle of the Year

    On July 19, members of the Northwest Automotive Press Association got together in Portland, Oregon, to drive 14 fuel-efficient and high-tech vehicles and compare them head to head. The overall winner was the 2017 Chevy Volt, which uses electricity plus a small gasoline generator engine and carries a price tag around $40,000. (No, Tesla did not send a vehicle to be tested.) The… Read More

  • Honda and SoftBank partner to turn Asimo into KITT from Knight Rider

    Honda and SoftBank partner to turn Asimo into KITT from Knight Rider

    Car and tech companies continue to partner up, but Honda and SoftBank’s newly-announced union is a little different from most. Rather than working on self-driving cars, or a more connected vehicle, Honda and SoftBank are working on making an artificial intelligence that can actually talk to and assist drivers in a way designed to foster more feelings of friendship between human and… Read More

  • Tesla and Toyota among the smartest and the most connected companies

    Tesla and Toyota among the smartest and the most connected companies

    Visiongain, an analysis firm based in the U.K., released a report this month listing the top 20 connected car companies, which includes all the usual suspects, such as Volvo, Ford and Honda. Tesla and Toyota were also among the top 10 automotive manufacturers in the connected car market, which Visiongain projects to be worth $35.7 billion in 2016 alone. Toyota and Tesla also made the MIT… Read More

  • Liability in the coming age of autonomous autos

    Liability in the coming age of autonomous autos

    While we are many years away from an autonomous utopia, where cars pick us up and drive us where we need to go without a human at the wheel, we are seeing the first steps toward self-driving cars. Volvo, Honda, Audi, Tesla—pretty much every auto manufacturer, plus Google and probably Apple—is incorporating advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) into cars we can buy right… Read More

  • What autonomous driving is — and isn’t — in 2016

    What autonomous driving is — and isn’t — in 2016

    When Honda announced that its latest Civic sedan would have a full suite of state-of-the-art driver assist features for $20,000, The Wall Street Journal called it a self-driving vehicle. While the Civic can do a lot, it cannot drive itself. Yet. So what are we even talking about when we talk about autonomous or self-driving vehicles? Lucky for us, engineers are on top of this. In January… Read More

  • Honda and Volvo add more electrification

    Honda and Volvo add more electrification

    Honda announced it’s going to expand its Clarity line to include an all-electric version and a plug-in hybrid next year. The latest version of the Honda Clarity will be available later this year any way you want it, as along as you want a fuel-cell vehicle. The other two variants will be ready in 2017. Honda’s goal is to have electrified vehicles, including plug-in hybrids and… Read More

  • 2016 Honda Civic: autonomous features for $20K

    2016 Honda Civic: autonomous features for $20K

    When NHTSA announced yesterday that 20 manufacturers had agreed to include automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems as standard equipment on all new cars by 2022, many people noted that plenty of cars you can buy right now have this technology on board. You might think that in 2016, this is expensive equipment available only on luxury cars, but the Honda Civic sedan would beg to differ. Read More

  • 13 Questions With Rob Coneybeer

    13 Questions With Rob Coneybeer

    Welcome to 13 Questions, a series aimed at bringing a human face to notable figures in the world of startups, hardware, and tech. Ever wonder how your favorite designer learned to love tech? Curious what’s on your favorite VC’s bucket list? Want to see the person behind the media hype? 13 Questions is here. Rob Coneybeer a founder and managing director of Shasta Ventures where… Read More

  • Storm Affordable Electric Bike

    The Storm eBike Is A $499 Entry-Level Electric Bike

    At its $499 launch price on Indiegogo, the Storm eBike seems like a solid entry-level option. Comparable bikes I’ve tried cost a few hundred dollars more, and if you really do want things like fancy industrial design and storage for stuff while you ride, you generally have to pony up well over $1,000. Read More

  • Volvo, Ferrari, And Mercedes First To Add iOS In The Car Next Week

    Volvo, Ferrari, And Mercedes First To Add iOS In The Car Next Week

    iOS in the Car, announced by Eddy Cue last year at the iOS 7 launch, was supposed to appear in 2014 and, according to the Financial Times, it’s finally coming to Volvo, Mercedes, and Ferrari. BMW, a premium launch partner mentioned last year, was notably absent. Read More

  • Evernote Hones Its Platform Ambitions, Teams Up With Docomo And Honda For A New Accelerator

    Evernote Hones Its Platform Ambitions, Teams Up With Docomo And Honda For A New Accelerator

    Productivity app Evernote today is announcing that it is teaming up with Honda and the Japanese carrier Docomo to launch the Evernote Accelerator, a month-long mentorship program based at Evernote’s HQ in Redwood City for developers and small startups from around the world that are making apps using Evernote’s APIs. The move is a step ahead for Evernote in its strategy to build out… Read More

  • Video: Honda’s (Amazing) Personal Mobility Robot Uni-Cub

    Video: Honda’s (Amazing) Personal Mobility Robot Uni-Cub

    Honda caused quite a splash a while back with the introduction of the U3-X, a personal mobility robot that’s basically a motorized unicycle (and that our own John Biggs was “impressed” with after taking it for a test drive last year). And now, at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011, Honda took the wraps of a pretty similar robot, the so-called Uni-Cub. In fact, Honda says it has… Read More

  • Asimo: Honda Upgrades Its Awesome Humanoid (Videos)

    Asimo: Honda Upgrades Its Awesome Humanoid (Videos)

    Honda has been very silent about Asimo, its super-advanced humanoid robot, in recent years. After introducing the first version in 2000, Honda showed several versions through 2005, until the company finally took the wraps off a new version earlier today in Tokyo. This model is the thinnest, fastest, and most “intelligent” Asimo yet. At 48kg, the Asimo that was shown today is… Read More

  • America's First Pipeline-Fed, Hydrogen Fueling Station Now Open In Los Angeles

    America’s first pipeline-fed, retail hydrogen fueling station opened in Torrance, California, within Los Angeles county on Tuesday. The station will provide hydrogen for fuel cell and hybrid vehicles in the area. It was built through a joint effort by Toyota, Air Products and Shell alternative energies, with funding from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and the U.S. Read More

  • EV-neo: Honda's Electric Scooter Goes On Sale (In Japan)

    Honda Japan today said [press release in English] that it will start lease sales of its new electric motorcycle, the so-called EV-neo on December 24. The 50cc scooters are primarily aimed at delivery services or individual businesses, 100 of which will have the chance to test the vehicle until March 2011. General sales will then start in April next year. Read More

  • Honda Shows Off Its Fit EV

    We heard a little while back that Honda was beginning to go public with its new hybrid and EV line for 2012, and sure enough, today at the LA Auto Show they unveiled the concept electric Fit. It doesn’t sound particularly original, and the Leaf and Volt will be beating it to market by a year, but hey, the more the merrier. Here are some basic stats and facts. Read More

  • Honda announces plug-in hybrid & electric car plans for the 2012 model year

    Honda isn’t exactly the first Japanese car company that comes to mind when thinking about hybrids. Toyota, thanks to its Prius and hybrid Lexus line-up, won the general populus a few years back, but Honda is set to make another run with the third generation of Honda Civic Hybrids along with a new line of electric vehicles. These new lines should start hitting streets in both Japan and the… Read More

  • Japanese government believes in future full of mind-reading devices

    Mind-reading devices are nothing really new, but Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) apparently sees a huge potential for that market in the near future. The MIC will join forces with selected private tech companies to develop and commercialize robots and consumer electronics that can be controlled through thought. The project kicks off this fiscal year and… Read More

  • Videos: Tower robot Tsutenkaku conquers Akihabara, meets Asimo

    Remember Tsutenkaku, “the world’s biggest” robot? Tsutenkaku, basically a 170cm tall robot that looks like a city tower, recently made the journey from Osaka (where he was made and is supposed to attract tourists) from Tokyo. Needless to say, he first went to Akihabara, Tokyo’s robot geek paradise, and while he was there, Tsutenkaku met Honda’s famous humanoid… Read More

  • Meet the EV-neo, Honda's new e-motorbike (video)

    While we mostly cover electric bicycles and the occasional electric car, there are surely some people waiting for a decent electric motorbike, too. Honda has now announced an e-scooter, and it looks their model, the EV-neo, is quite decent. Read More

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