Volkswagen’s Atlas Tanoak concept is a short-bed pickup truck dream

Volkswagen debuted a concept pickup truck at the New York Auto Show this week, and the Atlas-based design features a short bed design, based on VW’s MQB platform. It’s basically the Atlas

Harley Davidson’s EV debut could electrify the motorcycle industry

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More posts by this contributor Uber and Taxify are going head-to-head to digitize Afric

Honda is working with Chinese AI unicorn SenseTime on self-driving car tech

Honda is putting the focus on artificial intelligence after it announced a partnership with SenseTime, a Chinese startup valued at over $1 billion, that will power its autonomous cars of the future. S

Honda’s new robot prototype could help mitigate future disasters

Honda has a new bipedal robot, which isn’t perhaps as charismatic as Asimo, but which could be a lot more useful. The robot is a disaster relief model, dubbed E2-DR (very Star Wars) which has fl

Honda will offer electrified option of all new vehicle models in Europe

Honda will offer an electrified version of all of its new models launched in Europe from now on, the company announced at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo revealed th

Honda’s picture-perfect Urban EV concept car aims for 2019 production

This new concept from Honda, the Urban EV, looks like something most automakers would show off as a distant vision of what cars might look like in five or ten years’ time. Honda, however, says i

Honda Clarity grows from one-shot to series

For years, the Honda Clarity has been one thing: a hydrogen fuel-cell-powered sedan available for lease to a vetted group of early adopters in California. Now in its third generation, the Honda Clarit

Honda’s Silicon Valley Lab becomes Honda Innovations

Honda has turned its Silicon Valley Lab into a new company officially called Honda R&D Innovations, Inc., but known colloquially as Honda Innovations. The company will pursue research and product

Shared EV access is expanding in Portland

Portland, Oregon, has started a pilot program to bring car sharing and alternative fuels to low-income neighborhoods where residents might not consider either type of transportation accessible.

Honda’s new R&D Center X will focus on robots, energy and AI

Honda opened its new Innovation Lab Tokyo to press for the first time on Tuesday, and also marked the occasion by announcing the debut of a new tech R&D group within the facility called R&D Ce

Honda partners with new DRIVE smart mobility startup hub in Tel Aviv

Honda is extending its courtship of startups through its Xcelerator program with a new partnership announced Wednesday with DRIVE, a new startup hub in Tel Aviv, Israel that focuses specifically on sm

GM and Honda partner to mass produce hydrogen fuel cells in Michigan

Automakers GM and Honda are teaming up on a new venture to jointly manufacture hydrogen fuel cells at scale, with plans to start mass production by 2020 and a combined investment of $85 million split

Waymo enters formal talks with Honda to collaborate on self-driving

Former Google self-driving car project Waymo is wasting no time demonstrating its readiness to enter into commercial agreements — the Alphabet-owned autonomous driving technology company is in f

Honda’s CES teaser reveals community car smarts, personal mobility plans

Honda is going to reveal a number of announcements around its forthcoming “cooperative mobility ecosystem” at this year’s CES in January, and the car maker just dropped a teaser to p

Honda invests in Southeast Asia-based Uber rival Grab

Southeast Asia's Grab, a ridesharing rival to Uber, has welcomed a new backer after Honda announced an undisclosed investment in the company today.

NXP’s new autonomous driving products focus on safety, self-driving trucks

NXP Semiconductor, which made headlines recently after entering into an agreement to be acquired by Qualcomm, unveiled a series of new products today that make it clear why they were a high-value targ

2017 Chevy Volt named Northwest Green Vehicle of the Year

On July 19, members of the Northwest Automotive Press Association got together in Portland, Oregon, to drive 14 fuel-efficient and high-tech vehicles and compare them head to head. The overall winner

Honda and SoftBank partner to turn Asimo into KITT from Knight Rider

Car and tech companies continue to partner up, but Honda and SoftBank’s newly-announced union is a little different from most. Rather than working on self-driving cars, or a more connected vehic

Tesla and Toyota among the smartest and the most connected companies

Visiongain, an analysis firm based in the U.K., released a report this month listing the top 20 connected car companies, which includes all the usual suspects, such as Volvo, Ford and Honda. Tesla and

Liability in the coming age of autonomous autos

While we are many years away from an autonomous utopia, where cars pick us up and drive us where we need to go without a human at the wheel, we are seeing the first steps toward self-driving cars. Vol
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