Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell-powered CR-V isn’t as dumb as you think

Just like battery-electric cars 20 years ago, hydrogen fuel cell cars suffer from the old chicken and the egg problem. Nobody wants to buy a fuel cell vehicle until the supporting infrastructure is in

Toyota wants hydrogen to succeed so bad it’s practically paying people to buy the Mirai

Despite automakers like Toyota and Honda pushing fuel-cell vehicles, hydrogen’s future lies elsewhere.

CES 2024: The biggest transportation news, from Honda’s EVs to Hyundai’s air taxi ambitions

CES has increasingly become defined by what automakers and other mobility-focused companies bring to Las Vegas, and CES 2024 has been no exception. Though some major CES automotive players from past y

Honda bets its electric future on ‘thin, light’ 0 series EVs at CES 2024

It's not much to go on, but it's still our closest look yet at Honda's electrified future.

The small and affordable EVs we lost in 2023

From the ElectraMeccanica Solo to the Honda e, let's remember all the small and low(er)-priced electric vehicles that didn't make it in 2023.

GM and Honda punt on plan to build millions of affordable EVs together

General Motors and long-time partner Honda have ended plans to build millions of affordable and smaller electric vehicles as the automakers come to terms with high interest rates and battery costs cou

Honda forms largest EV partner network in the US despite not yet selling an EV in the country

Honda is touting today that drivers of its EVs will soon have access to the most charging locations in America. This is thanks to just-announced agreements with EVgo and Electrify America, two of the

Honda’s new Motocompacto e-scooter is stolen straight from my dreams

Honda has a new e-scooter called the Motocompacto, which has an aesthetic that I would describe as “irresistibly, heartbreakingly dorky and adorable.” The all-electric Motocompacto is insp

Honda confirms it will use Tesla’s EV charging port from 2025

Honda has confirmed it’ll be the latest automaker to adopt Tesla’s charger standard, otherwise known as the North American Charging Standard (NACS), which the latter automaker made an offi

Acura’s first EV will feature Google apps for navigation and voice control

The all-new Acura ZDX EV will be the company’s first auto to feature built-in Google apps. This includes Google Assistant, Google Maps and more through the Google Play store. Let’s be clea

Honda says first e:Architecture-based EV is coming sooner than planned

Honda said today that it plans to release its first e:Architecture-based electric vehicle in North America in 2025. That’s a year earlier than the Japanese automaker originally said it would int

Honda’s aging hydrogen fuel cells get new life in data center

Honda bailed on the Clarity — its only hydrogen-powered car in the U.S. — but the automaker hasn’t quit on fuel cells. That’s the message Honda sent with a peculiar announcement today:

Inside the Sony-Honda Afeela concept

If it wasn’t clear earlier this year when Sony and Honda revealed the concept Afeela EV, it is now: This new joint-venture concept car is all about leveraging entertainment. The company, known a

Honda is setting up a dedicated EV division

Honda is establishing a division dedicated to the development of electric vehicles and other electrical products including storage and generation, the company said on Tuesday (via Reuters). The Japane

Sony and Honda reveal Afeela, their joint EV brand, at CES

Nearly a year after Sony and Honda shared plans to jointly make and sell electric vehicles, the two companies revealed a prototype under the brand name Afeela. The four-door sedan was driven onstage a

Honda says VR is changing how it designs cars. You might not notice.

Honda is pulling away from a design practice that’s (literally) shaped auto making since the ’30s. The $43 billion company still depends on life-size clay models to evaluate its designs, a tri

Honda to launch fuel cell vehicle in 2024

Honda will launch a fuel cell electric vehicle in 2024 based on its bestselling CR-V crossover. The automaker said it will produce the CR-V variant at its Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Mar

Sony and Honda envision an EV that entertains while it takes the wheel

Sony and Honda have officially launched their joint mobility venture that aims to start delivering premium electric vehicles with automated driving capabilities in the United States in the spring of 2

Honda to create $700M EV hub in Ohio

Honda said on Tuesday it is spending $700 million to retool three of its Ohio plants to build electric vehicles as it aims to phase out gas engines by 2040. Batteries for the electric vehicles from Ho

Honda doesn’t want to wait until 2024 for its SUV customers to go electric

Honda unveiled Thursday the 2024 Honda Prologue, its first-ever battery-electric SUV that represents a crucial milepost along the automaker’s journey to deliver 30 new EVs by the end of the decade.
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