Twitter’s Homepage Over The Years

If you’re a heavy Twitter user, you probably don’t see the homepage much…no, not your timeline, the Twitter.com that shows up when you’re logged out. If other people didn&#8217

Yahoo Finally Takes Its New-Look Homepage Global, Bringing It To Seven Int’l Markets

Marissa Mayer's repainting of Yahoo's 'front door' has expanded its international reach, with the "more modern" looking homepage now being rolled out to seven global markets, six of them in Europe. Th

Yahoo! Is Testing Out New Logo Ideas, Still Isn’t Dropping The ! Also Rolling Out New Homepage With Infinite Scrolling

Yahoo is looking to make a clean break with some aspects of its past with Marissa Mayer now at the helm -- and one of those, it seems, could be its logo. A TC reader says that he was asked to take

Confirmed: LinkedIn Rolling Out ‘Simpler’ Homepage To All Users In Coming Weeks

Just a little update on our <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2012/07/10/linkedin-is-gearing-up-for-a-redesign-bigger-pictures-anchored-menu-and-a-life-less-tweeted/">report from last week</a> abou