VC doors are wide open for real estate startups

Over the last couple of decades, online streaming, shopping and social networking startups have revolutionized the art of sitting around the house. Now, a new generation of internet entrepreneurs is f

Homelight raises $40 million to help home sellers find the best real estate agents

HomeLight was founded in 2012 to connect home owners looking to sell with real estate agents in their area who are likely to close quickly and get the best price for their homes. With its business q

HomeLight Raises $3M More To Help Homebuyers And Sellers Find Real Estate Agents

HomeLight, a startup to help those trying to buy or sell their homes find the right real estate agent, has raised $3 million in new funding. The startup, which launched in November 2012, analyzes h

Backed By Google & Eric Schmidt, HomeLight Launches A New Way To Find The Best Real Estate Agents

You've heard this story before: Person sets out to find an apartment or buy their first home. Person struggles to navigate the noise of Craigslist, manage applications, impressions, notes, scheduling