HomeHero wants to work with hospitals to connect in-home caregivers to seniors

CEO Kyle Hill spent a lot of time building technology for his parents that would help them find better service for their aging family members — who were around 2,000 miles away across the country. S

HomeHero Locks Down $23M For Its Home Care Marketplace

HomeHero, a Santa Monica-based startup that works to connect home care workers with the families that need them, announced today that it has raised $23 million. The sum includes a $20 million Series A

Science, Inc.-Backed HomeHero Launches To Help Families Find, Hire, And Manage In-Home Care For Seniors

Any family that has spent any time caring for aging parents, grandparents or those with special needs knows how stressful it can be, and how much energy is required, to manage in-home care. From keepi

The Decline And Fall Of Flowtab, A Startup Story

It started with an idea: How can we get our drinks more quickly at the bar? Dreamed up at 2 a.m. in Coloft, a Los Angeles coworking space, future founder Mike Townsend doodled up an iPad application m