• Nikontrol 3K Tethers Your Camera To Your PC For Free

    Nikon publishes a program called Camera Control Pro, a software program intended to help the studio photographer by allowing them to tether their camera to a computer. The problem is, Camera Control Pro doesn’t support some of the latest cameras, and it has a $150 price tag. This inspired Nikontrol 3K, a free program that does basically the same thing, but for free. Read More

  • Homebrew App Lets You Play Zork On Your Kindle

    West of House.
    You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.
    There is a small mailbox here. > OPEN MAILBOX Opening the small mailbox reveals a leaflet. > TAKE LEAFLET Taken. > READ LEAFLET “WELCOME TO ZORK ON THE KINDLE! If you jailbreak your Kindle you can run Zork and other Infocom games natively on your Kindle. If you’re anything… Read More

  • Apparently, You Can Still Solder Together Your Own Computer If You Really Want To

    Back in the dark ages, it used to be if you wanted a computer, you built it yourself. And I don’t mean order the parts and put them together, I mean soldering the chip sockets into a breadboard and assembling all the bits by hand. For whatever reason, computer enthusiast Matt Sarnoff misses the halcyon days of the Altair, and decided to build his own PC the old fashion way: with a hot… Read More

  • Zune HD hacked, entire hardware open to homebrew programmers

    Potentially huge news for Zune HD owners—that means Devin and I. It has been hacked~! Yes, the good folks over at ZuneBoards have hacked the Zune HD to pieces, giving homebrew developers full access to the hardware, access that otherwise lay behind the XNA development kit. The Zune HD isn’t too shabby, so I fully expect to see ports of popular emulators like FCEUX in no time at all. Read More

  • Control your Canon DSLR with a Nintendo DS

    After trying to find a way to remotely control their DSLRs, the clever hackers at HDRLabs couldn’t really find anything that would do what they wanted. So what did they do? Built a control of their own, using a Nintendo DS. HDRLabs went on to make the device available, for free. All you have to do is build one yourself. Read More

  • What I Got For Valentine's Day: The V Vessel

    While you may be thinking, given my current reviews streak, that the V Vessel involves the genitals and/or aliens dressed up like humans who live among us only to spring out and attack us with the time is ripe, it, in fact, does not. In fact, the V Vessel is a brewing vessel designed to hold up to 23 liters of liquid. It allows you to produce alcoholic beverages in the comfort of your own home… Read More

  • Science continues to improve our lives with new unbreakable pint glass

    As a homebrewing enthusiast, I’m constantly trying to improve my process and my equipment. I’m busy making a DIY bottle tree to dry my bottles right now. The British, quite probably the world’s best drinkers, have been hard at work improving the vessel of beer delivery, the pint glass. Two new shatter-proof glasses have been unveiled by the British Home Office, designed… Read More

  • Video: Wii USB homebrew loader coming soon

    Fear not, Wii users who dabble in the dark arts of “homebrew,” Waninkoko has your back. This here is a video demonstrating his new application that lets you run hombebrew software off a USB device. The video is in some strange, foreign language, but it otherwise checks out. Read More

  • Homebrew Half-Life movie kicks ass

    It’s amazing what a little talent, a little gear and a lot of imagination can accomplish. The Purchase Brothers purportedly spent $500 to produce two episodes in a Half-Life movie series. This isn’t machinima, folks, but real human beings acting this stuff out. Very, very cool. Read More

  • WiiGator's Gamecube loader for Wii Homebrew Channel! Viva la revolucion!

    Change the system from within! Wiigator has created an app that will load pirated Gamecube games without a mod chip, allowing you to play a number of exciting games including… ummm… Mario Kart? What else was good on Gamecube? Click through for video. Read More

  • "Playstation 2 Portable" on eBay

    Homebrewer Ben decided that existing handheld systems just weren’t cutting it, so he went about creating a portable version of that venerable PS2. However, instead of hacking a controller onto a display and putting it all together, he appears to have put his PS2 Slim in a bag with a battery and is selling it for $500. Read More