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Klipsch launches new line of high-end, attractive home theater speakers

Klipsch’s new speakers look fantastic, and probably sound as good. Known for high-end sound with high end looks. It just announced these new home theater speakers that are put together in high-g

Sony announces tiny-ass speakers, home theater

Either that strawberry’s been genetically modified way beyond safe eating limits, or the speakers that come with Sony’s new HT-IS100 home theater system are pretty small. The 5.1 channel setup pus

DIY not for you? Call Zip

So you’ve got your fancy HDTV, surround system, and high-end speakers, but you have no idea how it all fits together. If you’re lucky, you’ve got a friend like me to help you out. Sa

Sony DAV-F200: Small footprint home theater

STYLE AND SOPHISTICATION. That’s one way to describe Sony’s new Bravia home theater setup, the DAV-F200. Another, less boisterous way to describe it is by calling it what it is: a virtual

Getting an X-Fi to play nice with your home theater system

So you have a Soundblaster X-Fi card with SPDIF-out. And a nice home theater system that you want to run your sound through. It’s okay. Everything’s going to be all right. It turns out it&

Onkyo launches three new attractive full home theater systems

Onkyo today dropped a trio of home theater in a box set-ups, and they’re fairly affordable, full-featured systems. The HT-S3100 is your basic 5.1 home theater system with capacity to hand HDTV v

The Pirate Cove: Pirates of the Caribbean-themed home theater room

Look, I’m all for decking out your home theater to make it the best it can be. You spend thousands of dollars on equipment just to entertain yourself, why not jazz it up? But this trend of themi

Onkyo debuts pair of entry-level HDMI-handling AV receivers

[photopress:onkyos .jpg,full,center] Onkyo makes good home theater gear, and today we get word of two new affordable receivers. They’re coming out in April, and they seem pretty sweet, as far as

Logitech's Harmony One gets reviewed

[photopress:Logitech_Harmony_One.jpg,full,center] I’m a big fan of my Harmony 520 remote from Logitech, and was pretty impressed with its new Harmony One at CES, but I was only allowed a few mom

High OMG factor present in the tvCompass remote

[photopress:tvCompass.jpg,full,center] I’m a fan of Logitech’s Harmony line of universal remote controls. I’ve got a pretty awesome home-theater set-up in my apartment, and thus I ne

Philips Simplifies Home Theater

Product Name: Philips HTS6100 and 6515D Description: These two new home theater systems try to help you minimize clutter in your living room. The HTS6100 is a soundbar-style speaker with a built-in DV

CES 2008: Samsung launches new upconverting wireless home theater systems

Product Name: Samsung HT-Z series home theater systems Description: 2.1, 4.1, and 5.1 sourround sound home theater-in-a-box systems with wireless speakers and 1080p upconversion Price: N/A In-store da

CES 2008: Samsung HT-X810 self-contained, wall-mountable speaker system

[photopress:HT_X810__2.jpg,full,center] Product Name: Samsung HT-X810 Home Theater Sound Bar Description: A wall-mountable speaker system Price: TBA In-store date: MAy Site: Samsung home theater Why i

CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Onkyo HT-SR800 all-in-one home theater

It may be a little late to be recommending things for Christmas, but if you find yourself with a couple of extra dollars come tomorrow and have been in the market for a decent sound system and you liv

CG Holidays 2007 Recommendation: Optomo DX625 HD video projector

Don’t let my 37-inch LCD HDTV fool you. When you want a real cinematic experience, there’s something special about watching it projected. For Tuesday night’s Victoria’s Secret

CrunchDeals: Full home theater system, with 37-inch LCD HDTV: $629, no rebates

I featured this buyer-made combo below in the Black Friday round-up, but it was so good I figured it deserved its own post so it wasn’t overlooked. Target is selling two items that, when put tog

Paradigm's Speakers On a Stick

Yeah, never mind the missing second “n” in Millenia, because Paradigm’s forte is speakers, not spelling. The Millenia 20 Trio ($999) is an odd beast that combines left, right, and ce

Samsung's Upcoming 3rd Generation HD Lineup

Samsung has announced three new 3rd generation hi-def players (two of which we reported on earlier), including one that plays both Blu-ray and HD-DVD discs known as the BD-UP5000 Duo HD. All three wil

Epson Ensemble Home Theater System: For Movie Buffs With Tyrannical Landlords

Epson was also in town last week (who wasn’t? LOL!) showing off its wares and the biggest, both in size and in potential scope, was its Ensemble home theater system. It combines a set of Atlanti

Amazon Unbox Now Available Through Your TiVo

The biggest downside to Amazon’s Unbox service for TiVo—other than the painfully slow download times and the inability to start playing a video while it’s still downloading—is
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