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  • Roku joins the voice computing market with smart soundbars, speakers and more built by partners

    Roku joins the voice computing market with smart soundbars, speakers and more built by partners

    Roku, which sells the most popular brand of streaming media players in the U.S., is now aiming to carve out a niche for itself as the voice control platform for home entertainment. Today, Roku is unveiling a licensing program for manufacturing partners that include reference designs for smart speakers, smart soundbars, surround sound and multi-home audio systems that use new Roku Connect… Read More

  • The iPad Mini Is The Ideal Second Screen Companion

    The iPad Mini Is The Ideal Second Screen Companion

    One thing that’s become apparent about the iPad mini during my past few days with it is just how well it fills the role of a second screen device. The iPhone and the iPad both have their merits as a companion while lounging around and watching TV, but the iPad mini hits the sweet spot of portability, power and connectivity for that use case. Read More

  • Study Shows Why Tablets Could Become The New Center Of Living Room Entertainment

    Study Shows Why Tablets Could Become The New Center Of Living Room Entertainment

    A new report from Flurry Analytics released today details some of the key differences between smartphone and tablet usage. The study finds that tablets are used overwhelmingly during the evening, prime-time hours, and that users spend more time per-session on tablet devices compared to smartphones. Also, users tend to game and consume media more heavily on tablets vs. smartphones. Read More

  • Netgear launches a digital entertainment streamer

    We just saw this box in action and it looks pretty hot. It’s essentially a set-top box that streams and play back multiple codecs. Here’s the money shot from the press release: The Digital Entertainer Express’ unique technology enables consumers to seamlessly stream M2TS via pre-buffering and play Blu-ray™ quality digital video up to 1080p. They can also play MP3… Read More

  • Denon has a low priced Blu-ray player: It costs $750

    And you wonder why people are still uncommitted to Blu-ray. Denon, by no means a cheap brand, mind you, has said that they’ll begin shipping its “low” priced DVD-1800BD this October, for $749. Denon hasn’t even released its full specs yet, so it’s impossible to evaluate if this is even worth the money. Once again, I think I speak for most of the gang here: if… Read More

  • Warner Bros. to drop price of Blu-ray movies this fall

    Warner Bros., the movie studio that single-handedly killed HD DVD some time ago, will release budget-priced Blu-ray discs starting this fall. By selling certain titles to retailers for as little as $11, Warner Bros. is helping to bring down the price that you and I pay for their movies on Blu-ray. Discounted movies could include the likes of The Shining, Enter the Dragon, and I am Legend. This… Read More

  • Alienware Hangar18 HD Entertainment Center Gets Reviewed

    The chaps over at Computer Shopper rubbed their paws all over the Alienware Hangar18 HD entertainment center and it looks good, definitely worth the $3,199 you’ll be spending on it. Here’s a quick rundown on the specs to refresh your memories since I know you’ve been bombarded with iPhone coverage lately. The Hangar18 includes an AMD Athlon X2 4600+, 2GB of DDR2, two 1TB… Read More

  • Sony Introduces Pint-Sized Home Theater System

    Sony unveiled a pint-sized 5.1-channel home theater system tonight in NYC. The satellites are about the size of an apple, but don’t let the size fool you. The tiny package puts out a total of 450 watts. The five satellites put out 50W each while the two-way subwoofer exerts 100W per channel. Not bad for such a small system, right? The DAV-IS10 is centered around a DVD/CD player that… Read More

  • Next Version of the PlayStation Here in 18 Months?

    The PS3’s not even done tanking yet and Sony already has designs on a PS4 of sorts, here within the next 18 months. The always credible Smarthouse Web site says that Sony will take the innards of the PS3 and stick them into a gray box, making the next system, if you can call it that, more geared toward home entertainment use than the PS3 proper. Not that the PS3 has many good games for it… Read More

  • Pioneer To Show Off 8th-Gen Plasmas This May

    Pioneer is all over plasma TV, and it looks like it’s going to launch its 8th-gen plasmas at an event in Rome this May. Pioneer kept going on and on at CES about how it wanted to make plasma the premier TV technology and this announcement should finally reveal what it’s been up to. It used to be that I was sorta down on plasma, but companies like Pioneer and Panasonic, which showed… Read More

  • Apple TV and the Competitors You Could Have Already Been Using

    I swear sometimes it’s like you people aren’t paying attention. Did you not know that digital media adapters or network media devices have already existed for some time? Could you not wrap your minds around attaching a laptop or desktop to your TV to view Internet content? All of a sudden ’cause Mr. Jobs says it’s OK for you to stream stuff to your TV, you drool and… Read More

  • Ricavision Vista SideShow Remote Control: Explore Vista's Majesty From The Couch

    One of the many wows of Windows Vista is SideShow, a technology that outputs information like e-mail onto screens other than a PC monitor. Using SideShow, this Ricavision Bluetooth remote control lets you navigate through your Vista PC’s media library, schedule TV recordings and read your e-mail without so much as leaving the couch (so long as you’re within 328 feet of the PC). Read More

  • The Apple Home: Is Apple Changing The Face Of Home Entertainment???

    The first week of Feb. is drawing to a close and the iPhone is still buzzing around the blogosphere like wild fire. In case anyone has forgotten, let me remind you that the AppleTV will be gracing us with its presence on Feb. 20. I’m forced to stop and think about what sort of impact this small, silver, square and every other product from Apple will have on my life and in our homes. Look… Read More

  • Griffin Evolve Really Is Wireless

    If you feel like dropping $350 on an iPod dock than Griffin’s new Evolve is it. The Evolve consists of a dock that also charges, RF remote, and two rechargeable dual channel wireless speakers. Said speakers are said to work up to 150 feet away, wish they’d prove it at CES. Pretty cool since everything is wireless. Product Page Read More

  • VHS Is Dead At 30

    Variety.com has a killer write-up on the death of VHS. For those of you that have never looked it up, VHS stands for Vertical Helical Scan and was developed by JVC of Japan. The 30-year-old format beat out Sony’s Betamax format as the consumer choice, changing the way we watched movies at home and hit its peak with the sale of 30 million “The Lion King” cassettes in the… Read More