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So long then, iPhone home button…

… it was nice pressing you. Well, at least some of the thousands and thousands of times. Apple has finally abandoned a feature that’s been a staple of its smartphones since the very start,

Crunch Report | Apple Might Be Getting Rid of the Home Button

Apple might be getting rid of the home button, Uber confirms that Dara Khosrowshahi is the new CEO, an Uber investor forgets he isn't a Roman and Alexa and Cortana make friends. All this on Crunch Rep

Apple’s R&D Department Conjures A Pop-Up iPhone Home Button Joystick

Apple has a new patent application that describes a pop-up home button which can work as an analog joystick. The patent, uncovered by Patently Apple, describes how the button goes from recessed standa

Mobile Home Is An Easy Way To Turn Siri Into Your Very Own Personal KITT From Knight Rider

My recently-purchased car has Bluetooth built-in to let me use my phone hands-free from the steering wheel, as do most cars coming off the line new these days. The one issue is that there's no way to