• Holux 005 GPS Tracker knows if you have crossed a line

    This watch tracks your position and sends text to your girlfriend so she knows if you are in trouble. It has a 96×96 monochrome screen, mini USB, supports TCP/IP and it’s waterproof. Fully charged it will operate for 60 hours. Your mom will like this watch because it has Geofence, a virtual fence that if you cross the 005 will know, send text and beep. It also has a button for… Read More

  • Golf and bike GPS devices coming from Holux

    I’ve been doing okay with the yardage markers and sprinkler heads on the golf course but maybe someday when I retire — rich beyond my wildest dreams thanks to blogging – I’ll be able to work on my game to get to the point where I need to know the exact distance to the pin. That’s where the GR-130 from Holux will come in. Or there’s the GR-245 Bike GPS, a… Read More