• Necessity Is Driving Agricultural Innovation Indoors Crunch Network

    Necessity Is Driving Agricultural Innovation Indoors

    According to the United Nations, the earth will house an estimated 9.7 billion people by 2050. Consequently, more food will need to be produced over the next four decades than has been produced over the last 10,000 years. And with more than 99.7 percent of global food coming from land, and most of the arable land already accounted for, increasing yields per surface area is essential. Read More

  • Survey: Dutch Artists Say P2P Doesn't Hurt Them Financially

    You may have heard that the Dutch Government now plans to outlaw music and movie (and whatever else) downloading. That seems pretty prosaic: since when was it legal to infringe on someone’s copyright? Isn’t that the whole point of copyright? No matter, for in the lead up to the Dutch announcement’s announcement a survey was taken. “What about the survey?” you may ask. Read More

  • Dutch court orders, again, TPB to delete torrents, block Dutch users

    More news about The Pirate Bay to bore you all! (Seriously, it’s not like people are still talking about the old Suprnova or Torrentspy anymore, yet the TPB has stuck around.) Some time ago, a Dutch court ordered TPB to delete a number of torrents and block Dutch IP addresses from being able to visit the site. Using a sledgehammer on a thumbtack, yes. Then TPB protested, as it does all… Read More

  • GSM Doorbell Texts You When Aunt Beatrice Shows Up

    True phone phreaks freaks will appreciate this GSM doorbell system from Dutch manufacturer Waleli. Once you install the doorbell system, you can let friends and family in remotely by entering a password via SMS when the doorbell is rung. The pizza guy? He’s chill. My mother? Come on in. Angry mob of loyal CDMA supporters or Jehovah’s Witnesses? Buzz off. As awesome as this system… Read More