• WooRank Screens Your Website, For Free

    WooRank is a brand new service designed to let website publishers and marketers evaluate the SEO-friendliness and other aspects of their Web sites on the fly, free of charge. If this reminds you of what HubSpot built with its Website Grader tool, it’s because the concept is extremely similar. WooRank evaluates Web sites based on 50 criteria in an automated fashion, free of charge… Read More

  • HitTail: The Long Tail As Muse

    Bloggers interested in building search traffic should check out New York based HitTail, a deceptively simple tool that makes suggestions for words to use in blog post titles or topics to write about based on the search terms that are already bringing people to your site. It’s based on the theory of the Long Tail, in this case the idea that the most high profile sources of traffic to… Read More