Hitlist’s new premium service puts a travel agent in your pocket

Hitlist, a several-years-old app for finding cheap flights, has begun rolling out a subscription tier that will turn it into something more akin to your own mobile travel agent. While the core app exp

Hitlist lands on Android to help you find bargain travel deals

Hitlist, an app that serves up bargain-priced flights and travel deals, has finally winged its way to Android after years on iOS and the web. The service is simple: you tell it where you live and

These Are The Startups Pitching At The Brooklyn TC Meetup + Pitch-Off!

The Brooklyn TC Meetup crept up faster than any of us anticipated. In just two short days, we’ll head over to Output in Williamsburg and ten companies will have exactly sixty seconds to pitch th

Hitlist’s FOMO-Inducing Chrome Tab Turns Out To Be A Great Growth Hacking Strategy

If you have a terrible, 10 or 15-year long affliction of wanderlust like I do, Hitlist’s Wandertab on Chrome and Firefox is the worst. Or the best. Or the worst. Well, one of the two. It’s

Hitlist, A Smart Flight Finder That Saves You Money By Telling You When To Fly, Exits Beta

Thanks to Google Now, other virtual assistants, and mobile applications that can tap into our location to feed us information at will, consumers are being conditioned to think of information-gathering