CES 2008: Cooler Master's VW case is crunchy, should stay on the shelf

Cooler Master makes pretty decent computer cases, but I’m taking issue with this licensed VW bus case. It’s like this: If you mod your case to become a VW bus, then you’re a college

"Lunar Resonant" LED streetlamps to reduce energy cost by 90 percent

Raise your hand if you knew that streetlamps accounted for 38 percent of all energy used on lighting in the USA. Very good, children! It’s true. And now, the Civil Twilight Design Collective has

MP3, Wireless, Video-Enabled Yoga Mat Concept

It’s just a concept piece, but this could be the yoga mat of the future. You heard me. With a built-in MP3 player and stereo speakers, your Enya can be literally at your fingertips (if you&#8217

Google and PG&E Test Crazy New Hybrid Vehicles

We’re RICH! Not content with hegemonic domination of the Internets, Google is now seeking dominion over the open road. Earlier this week (read: yesterday), Google and Pacific Gas & Electric

Daily Crunch: Glowworm Edition

Tron Coming to Xbox Live Arcade The Coolest Halo 3 Figurines Ever Hippy Bath in a Bag LawnBott, Where Have You Been All These Years? Why You Can’t Just Go Ahead and Post“09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8

Hippies Take a Moment Away from Hackysack and Joints to Break DRM

Hey, hippies. Stick to protesting logging and the war and stop going on camera to describe ways to disable Apple DRM. It seems the folks at the MIT Media Lab “held a party” to install Rock

Pedal Power To The People, Mobiles

I’m far to lazy to ever get any use out of such equipment, but some of you might not be. Motorola’s pedal charger is exactly what it sounds like: a phone charger powered by your bike. As y

BMW Designs Hydrogen Powered 7-Series

Oh this is cool and I’m not just referring to the temperature of the hydrogen. This prototype BMW 7-series sedan was featured at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It can run on both gas and hydrogen an