HighGear Media

  • Can HighGear Media Turn Lousy Blog Economics into a Huge Exit? (TCTV)

    Earlier today, we posted an interview with Matt Heist, CEO of HighGear Media, an auto blog that hit four million uniques last month. That may not sound too jaw-dropping but gearheads are a surprisingly neglected online audience, and HighGear has proven a haven for car enthusiasts and the journalists that love to write for them. Two of the Valley’s top venture funds certainly believe… Read More

  • Want to Get Paid to Drive and Write about Cars? (Fanboys Need Not Apply)

    A while ago I wrote about how neglected the sports vertical was online, given the largest properties are mostly the same portals or online versions of old media sites that were launched in the late 1990s. It turns out another macho-content vertical is even more neglected– cars. Quietly, a company called HighGear Media is building a pretty impressive business. It’s raised $12… Read More